Five Ways 'Bloodborne' Could Still Be Improved

I thought eventually I’d hit a wall and give up completely, but at the end of my first week with Bloodborne, here I am, still playing. I’m currently lost in a forest, desperately trying to figure out how to beat a particularly nasty trio of flame-spewing bosses, and still loving the game as much as ever.

With that said, as I play, I’ve noticed a few aspects of the game that could be improved upon, even if this is far and away the best game I’ve played in at least a year, if not longer. I know how much the “Souls” fan community can eat critics alive, but I think it’s important to try and focus on areas for improvement in addition to lavishing praise, which I did in my piece earlier this week “Can a Dark Souls Virgin Survive Bloodborne?”

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LamerTamer1203d ago

One way to improve it is to allow us to toggle off that horrid ugly looking chromatic aberration defect. It is the effect that makes everything other then the middle of the screen look low res and blurry with color fringing.

ACK! make it stop!