DirectX 12 Superiority Demonstrated With 3DMark API Overhead Test On GTX 770

This could be the edge Microsoft needs to fight for market share for both Windows 10 gaming and the Xbox One.

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xer01205d ago

Waiting for someone to mention Xbox One... :/

On a serious note... DirectX 12 will be awesome on PC, due to more powerful CPU and GPU combo. But I honestly doubt we'll see a game using it's capabilities properly, this year.

Whitey2k1205d ago

the only people that will mention xbox is mere fanboys

mikeslemonade1205d ago

lol who is competing against Windows 10? Give me a break on anyone who thinks that some is capturing the OS market share.

NuggetsOfGod1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

Can't wait to see Vulkan tests!

Linux has now over 1000 steam games!

Dx12 looks like it will do great things but only works on Windows OS.

Vulkan is better for the industry.

Write once and easily port everywhere.

If ps4 uses anything like Vulkan it would help pc also since ps4 is the dominant platform of the 3 consoles.

The only platform that actually need Direct3D is xbox.

Fingers crossed.

Don't care about apus though...
I am sure the apu discussion has started.

Let me help...

"Forza Motorsport 5 Tech Demo – console-level efficiency on PC

Forza Motorsport 5 is an example of a game that pushes the Xbox One to the limit with its fast-paced photorealistic racing experience. Under the hood, Forza achieves this by using the efficient low-level APIs already available on Xbox One today. Traditionally this level of efficiency was only available on console – now, Direct3D 12, even in an alpha state, brings this efficiency to PC and Phone as well. By porting their Xbox One Direct3D 11.X core rendering engine to use Direct3D 12 on PC, Turn 10 was able to bring that console-level efficiency to their PC tech demo." - Microsoft

Seems pc is getting what xbox has now?
They will future optimize xbox with dx12 but pc seems to be all the rage for the new apis.

Multiplatguy1205d ago

Ironic that you're accusing people who mention Xbox in relation to DX12 of being fanboys when you're the only one talking about Xbox here.. Doesn't make sense either considering DX12 is going to Xbox too so why can't they mention it?

Also ironic that you would accuse people of being a fanboy. We can see your comment history. Xbox has no good exclusives? Troll on.. Do you even realise your a fanboy yourself?

shloobmm31205d ago

If it helps all CPU's and GPU's common sense would suggest it will also help Xbox One. it's not a fanboy thing. it's a common sense thing.

Kavorklestein1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

Agreed. Amazing video! Plus, why would Microsoft just willy nilly show results of XBOX one using DX12 when they can save it for E3 to have it make their conference more impressive? Just to satiate naysayers?

I think they are just waiting for the right moment To play their Aces. Little jerks on the internet aren't gonna make them play their tricks cards early.

Don't get me wrong, I could be WAY off, and this could end up being useless for the xbox one, but I also know MS has always liked the element of surprise. I mean, look at the HoloLens announcement.
That came out of thin air.
I expect greatness, and I hope I'm not disappointed.
However, I also expect disappointment to be fully possible as well.

Time will tell.

Lennoxb631205d ago

The box dedicated to Direct X (Direct Xbox) can't be mentioned? I'm aware it isn't the subject of the article but it's still another system that uses DX12 so I don't know what you're getting at.

mhunterjr1205d ago

Why wouldn't someone mention xb1? It will help tremendously for porting games from PC to xb1.

Sure, some Xbox games already use dx12-like features, but that's only been 1st party titles. Now that multi platform development on the Xbox 1 won't require as much special attention to get maximum performance, 3rd party games will benefit...

Gilgamesh151205d ago

You were the first to mention it, so at least your wait wasn't long.

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--bienio--1205d ago

Nice my gtx970 is ready;)

Stiffler1205d ago

Second that. Can't wait to see the results. I only upgraded to a 970 G1 last month from my old 580 3gb, such a nice upgrade I'm impressed.

We've got lots to look forward to when Win10 is released, that's for sure.

Bigpappy1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

LOL. They ran out of draw distance before that test got to 30fps. We are talking total saturation here. That card started pushing images at over 600fps with what would be considered and image of a full city on current hardware, while still drawing much more.

This has got to mean that we at least get rid of pop-ins for ever, even in sprawling opened world RPG's.

Now I can see why their will need new cards to use full DX12. looks like developers could easily cause current GPU cards to crash using current CPU's with DX12.

IrishSt0ner1205d ago

Damn that's a massive difference on the GPU I have, got an i74790 too so I'll expect big gains over DX11. Guna download this to benchmark my system on DX12.

Can't wait for full DX12 games to start releasing.

crazychris41241205d ago

This is why I'm waiting to start my next build and tell people to hold off till 2016. DX 12, Win 10, Intel Skylake CPUs and much, much more are incoming that will provide huge bumps in performance. Might as well wait to see how they perform once the public gets a hold on them.

Bigpappy1205d ago

You are going to wait to buy a $1000 CPU and a $2000 GPU when developers have not even begun to figure out how they will use the power in your current setup? You have to help me understand why you think you will need more.

crazychris41241205d ago

I was talking more about 4k builds. All I'm saying is I want to see the new tech come out to see the actual benefits before I build a new PC. Current PC is great for 1080p60fps and video editing. But I want to build a single GPU 4k60fps and video editing machine. Longer I wait the more options that will become available. If I had to build something now it would have the i7-5930k 6 core CPU ($500) and the Titan X ($1000)

JasonKCK1205d ago

DX12 is designed to work with current hardware, so you shouldn't be forced to spend a whole lot of money upgrading. Having a hot rod PC is a great and if you can afford it, so rock on. If your hardware is 2 years old or 2 years in the future there should still be a benefit. No need to wait, your current set up should do fine.

starchild1205d ago

Yeah, I'm going to upgrade my motherboard and processor when Skylakes comes out. Hopefully that will line up pretty well with the release of Windows 10 as well.

It's crazy how long I've been running with this i5 2500k, though...and it's still running strong even in new games.

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