Halo 5 Reveal Possibly Bigger Than Expected As Dev Director Says "Tomorrow will be mildly bananas"

343 and Microsoft has once again updated their Halo 5 Xbox website with a new countdown that counts down untill today. The previous countdown that counted down untill last week was a bit dissapointing as more teasting began after the countdown - no new details were revealed.

Today's reveal however might be bigger than some expect as 343's development director Frank O' Connor (aka Stinkles) has posted a message on the Neogaf forums.

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StrayaKNT1150d ago

Looks like we're going bananas tomorrow guys :)

BartMoons1150d ago

That's today actually, the reply was posted yesterday :) 4 hours from now

StrayaKNT1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

What do you think it will be? I hope it's not just another little teaser. They are playing around with my heart lol

XBLSkull1150d ago

Can't wait, Halo is the biggest, best franchise ever!

user55757081150d ago

meh this series has become about as generic as call of duty. halo 1 2 and 3 were fun and unique. halo is just bland and boring at this point

abstractel1149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )

If Quantum Break is released this year, which I doubt, (and no PC version in sight) I will get an Xbox 1. Still not getting a machine that has one exclusive I care about and a timed (Lara Croft) exclusive that I do care about but can wait for.

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christocolus1150d ago

I'm so excited bro. Can't wait to see Halo5

ManOfTheYear11150d ago

I personally hope it's an announcement for a 2nd wave of multiplayer beta running on a newer version.

remixx1161150d ago

Halo still the #1 fps out there, battlefield might be a contender if EA could get their sh*t in line.

_-EDMIX-_1150d ago

The deep, deep lolz. It has always been the BF series.

The concept of what BF is will likely always have it that..

BF unlike Halo or Call Of Duty, fun factor isn't based on HOW the game feels, as in Halo and COD....the feel of the game is very important.

The core concept of BF is actually whats more important then how it feels, most BF's don't feel 100% like the last ones, but that really doesn't matter.

The team based skills are still intact and don't really change much at there cores.

What makes BF what it is.....isn't what it feels like as most BF's again don't actually feel the same, its what you DO in BF that keeps it at that #1 spot and not how it feels when you do it.

The reality is...Halo 1 and 2 felt the best, Call OF Duty 4 felt the best, Smash Bros Melee felt the best etc.

With anything that focuses on "feel" your bound to lose some fans who like one game better then the other (thats ok though, nothing wrong with that)

But with a series that keeps its focus on what you do as its core concept and not how it feels....BF stands above many, many FPS IPs over the years as its maintained an amazing following.

Halo like many one of these games where you always have someone who likes a certain one way, way better then another one.

I have Halo 1-2 fans, then Halo 2-3 fans and even a Halo 1,2 and only Reach fan lol.

modelgod1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

@remixx116 I'm a very proud x1 enthusiast and I'm not sure about that. It's really hard to tell right now what's the best FPS is.I didn't like the beta, and halo 4 was garbage. I played the new COD but honestly, despite some frame rate drops and a lack of a real campaign, I think Titan falls is the best FPS that I've played this generation. I also enjoyed wolfenstein. Sorry ppl for preference my comments by always stating how much i love xbox. I currently own all 3 xbox consoles, a backwards compatible ps3 (best system I own), a game cube, super NES, NES, and I'll be picking up my limited edition street fighter ps4. But to get back on topic,I had fun, but didn't seem to like the beta.

bababrooks1150d ago

Ha, you dudes aint got a clue...was a big PC fan but give kudos when it's due.....this was where online gaming began.......NOOBs

rainslacker1150d ago

Can't say for certain, but i think that title goes to counter-strike. Halo is an excellent FPS though.

remixx1161150d ago

@edmix I see what you mean, but the drastic dump in quality of the cod series, or better yet the constant rehashing has push the loyal cod fan in me out the door. Battlefield on the the other I always thought was ambitious and had the potential to outpace 99% of other games in its class but ea is my big issue........

BF 4 was amazing but took 6 months to launch while hard line was a bit of a cash in and did not feel like BF at all

Though I feel like the mantle has been passed around a lot, from halo 1 and 2 to battlefield 2 to cod 4 then to killzone 2 then mw2. I'm curious as to who will get it next.

ctmaudi1150d ago

Everyone over looks Garden Warfare. Its not an FPS, but its the best shooter in the last few years to me, and quite a few people I know.

_-EDMIX-_1150d ago

@remixx116 - Agreed. I don't disagree with you on that notion, in fact...its my point. Because the game is so based on feel in terms of its main draw point, changing how it feels drastically also changes how it might be received by long time fans used to how the game moved and felt prior.

Launch issues and publisher issues aside, BF4's concept is still the classic BF concept many fans have grown to love over the years.

Halo still has a huge base of fans, same with COD, but just like COD, you ask 2 fans about their favorite Halo and your getting 2 different answers lol.

The series for both as become a bit fragmented and fans are either fans of old Infinity Ward (ReSpawn) or fans of new Infinity ward....or Treyarch or Sledgehammer, or fans are fans of Bungie Halo or 343 Halo.

I would see Hardline more of a side game and never as a main BF as even EA don't consider it a main BF as to it not having a numbered title.

I would wait for BF5.

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kickerz1150d ago

This news is bananas , b.a.n.a.n.a.s :)

Gotcha51150d ago

Halo 5 out this October...Hells Yah!! now back to The Walking Dead.

Professor_K1150d ago

i alredy went bannas after the lastest two trailers. DAAAM

this is going to be one game

BinaryMind1150d ago

Well, I saw the two trailers and all I see is a really cheesy action movie setup. I'm bananas alright. Bananas to play something else.

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aviator1891150d ago

Story revealing live action trailer + more awesome ARG stuff....yup, I'd definitely classify that under mildly bananas.
Also very pumped for tonight's walking dead finale as well.

scientificreasoning1150d ago

walking dead is the most overrated TV show ever.

Nekroo911150d ago

Its not for you, go back to watch my little poney

bananaboats1150d ago

It's one of the best TV shows ever. You must be upset that Jersey Shore isn't on anymore

TheTwelve1150d ago

This season was a bit of a yawner.

HammadTheBeast1150d ago

It's not the most overrated, but the plot's not amazing, it's the characters which keep it going.

LexHazard791150d ago

Overrated? It has to be one of the greatest shows ever created. It already in my top 10 and my favorite show since the Wire and Smallville(what, I love Superman)

peowpeow1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

Not most overrated. Season 1 was quite well done, went downhill with change of Directors and Writers.

Season 4 began upwards again and now has my full attention.

If anyone else can attempt a survival zombie apocalypse TV show I'd love to see it.

4Sh0w1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

Nah, Walking Dead is pretty good because of the characters but my favorite is Game of Thrones, the writing, setting and characters acting are all brilliant.

OT, I cant wait to see Halo5 SP campaign trailer anything else will be an unsatisfying tease.

kraenk121149d ago

I's just...too american. The dude-bros love it though.

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scientificreasoning1150d ago

Yeah developer said.....a non article here, hes hyping his own game. Series i not near as big as it was, its a declining franchise,

StrayaKNT1150d ago

Halo 5 beta is the best Halo mp I have ever played lol go play tetris or something. Halo 5 will be goty watch

iNFAMOUZ11150d ago Show
4Sh0w1150d ago

Well I also loved the Halo5 multi of all time I wouldnt say that just yet but it was a blast. Either way Halo is as big as ever certainly far, far from dying. It will easily be the biggest exclusive released this year.

poor_cus_of_games1150d ago

Amen lad. I must have had those rose tinted glasses on about halo. Bigger franchises out there now.

LexHazard791150d ago

Like what? Anything bigger is multiplat. But when it comes to exclusive(on consoles) shooters name a bigger franchise.

il-JumperMT1150d ago

What developer? Halo is Bungie.

Benoski1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

They DID create Halo, but they stopped after Reach. Microsoft still owns the IP, though, so they created a new studio which is 343 Industries.

The irony here is that the majority of 343i staff are ex-Bungie employees.

Halo2ODST21150d ago

Seriously? "the majority of 343 staff are ex bungie employees" , do you even know a single thing about 343 which actually correct? 3 ex bungie people work at 343, not the majority, stop spreading lies,

Benoski1150d ago Show
_-EDMIX-_1150d ago

? "How the fuck am I supposed to know?! I'm only saying what I do know"

Um...ok then.


I mean...what your saying doesn't really sound true bud.

If you "know" this...then clearly you have a link to your source.

its_JEFF1150d ago

I still don't get how people can just blurt stuff out... you're on the Internet, go find out. All it takes is a little bit of reading. People are gonna call you out if they've done the research.

TheCommentator1150d ago

343 is made up from the staff Bungie hired during production of Halo 2. Approximately 150 employees, most of who worked on Halo 1, stayed with Bungie during the MS split. 343 hired new staff to replace these openings, but has a lot of talent left that worked on every Halo except Halo 1.

_-EDMIX-_1150d ago

Anyone got a link to show that "most" are old Bungie staff?

Its starting to sound like its wishful thinking and not a hard fact.

It WAS 5......5 employees at 343 where FORMER Bungie employees...

4 left the studio recently.

2 working at Bungie now as of 2013, 1 working at Crystal Dynamics at Square and 1 as of March 2nd 2015 is currently unemployed (likely seeking work or working independently)

Sooooooo only 1 member of 343 is actually part of Bungie's old staff and thats Frank O'Conner.

You could cite all those sources too. All it takes is a few googles and you can see who from Bungie are currently at 343........its just 1.

...mind you.

Soooo even the most hardcore Bungie and Halo fans very much factually KNOW who was working on Halos that were from Bungie. what fans are stating below.

They are all stating what can be factually proven merely by looking at sources, links etc.

As to why anyone is trying to make folks believe that 343 is um..."MOSTLY" Bungie despite that factually not being correct is very, very strange.


I mean...whats the point? Do some of you just think that if its said....its true?

I know some of you WANT that to be true, but the reality is...Bungie is no longer making Halo.....1 member from the former Bungie staff is working on much as anyone is trying to make it sound like Halo 5 or any other Halo that will release will be made by the same folks.....its just not going to happen and isn't happening.

Why lie?

Until Today, I've never heard that 343's staff was old Bungie members....I legit never heard that before and all it took was a quick Google to figure out its not true.

Why post it then bud? I mean...If I can find out in seconds its not true, why couldn't you find out in seconds that it was? IF your saying it, prove it and move on.

@TheCommentator- I don't disagree with you as my findings show your correct.

But I would still like as many like to disagree, yet never actually link something proving they are correct.

What your saying is correct, Bungie hired that team, Bungie left MS, a few members from Bungie stayed at 343...

That few...was 5.

Now that few is just 1. Frank O'Conner. The original staff is gone and works at Bungie.

TheCommentator1149d ago


I wish I could provide links when I post, but I surf the web on XB1 and can't copy/paste any links to prove my point(MS, please fix this and release a chat pad). I remember reading about it in an old Game Informer.

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