Cancelled ZombiU 2 would have introduced co-op

In a recent podcast, Unseen64’s Liam Robertson (known for digging up information on canned games) revealed that ZombiU 2 was in development for a short period back in early 2013. A team of roughly 5-10 staffers worked on the project, which never left pre-production. Robertson said that it likely didn’t take long “before Ubisoft put their foot down” and cancelled plans for the game.

Robertson has seen one image from ZombiU 2 that offered a similar aesthetic as its predecessor. That means players would have been exploring a “run-down, zombie apocalypse setting” once again – hardly surprising!

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gamerqc1180d ago

This makes me sad as a sequel with coop would have been great. Zombi U is one of the Wii U's hidden gem.

Darkfist1180d ago

is that so? (goes back playing dying light)

Biohazard88601180d ago

Good.. Co op should stay out of survival horror games.

Maybay1180d ago

How clueless can you freakin' be Nintendo? Though they can't be blamed for the title's sales, ZombiU is a game "they must retain the rights to."

We need someone competent enough to tell Iwata; "Some gamers want a bit of everything, so we need to branch out a lot more to reach a broader consumer base!"

Let Retro do whatever they want, like Rare before it was sold to Microsoft!

hatsume-miku1180d ago

Ehm... Retro did what they want, and what they want was Tropical Freeze... everybody knows that.

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