Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Sells Big In Japan

Media Create has revealed the latest video game charts for Japan. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD debuted on top selling 92,094 units. This was for the PS4 version of the game only.

The Xbox One version of the game didn’t reach the top 50. Media Create estimated that only 1000 people bought Final Fantasy Type-0 HD on Xbox One, If both versions were included, the game would have sold over 93,000 units in its debut week

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greenmiker1207d ago

Only 1000 people bought xbox version? Low numbers but for Japan impossible is nothing.

bouzebbal1207d ago

xbox getting trounced in japan? nothing new.. i really question why they released x1 there. it's getting zero support from MS. what a waste of money

Nitrowolf21207d ago

I am curious how much Microsoft is losing in Japan and if the cost of just leaving the country would be more profitable
which to be honest I'm not even sure if its that much I feel though as if Microsoft is just waiting around until an exclusive in Japan hits the Xbox one and then Cell will skyrocket for a little bit and then trickle down

Eonjay1207d ago

Well, the last couple of weeks in Japan, the PS4 has outsold the Xbox One by 100:1 so the sales disparity between the two Japanese FF:T0 SKUS is really in line with the hardware sales.

Cory_Sthokely1201d ago

The problem is that microsoft platforms have few games that really interests us, the eastern market is completely different than western ones.

5yb5n6u1207d ago

with only a few copies sold for xbox games, i think its more efficient to only release their games digitally within japanese market

kevnb1207d ago

Good news, I don't want them to leave console gaming.

Spotie1207d ago

You mean Square-Enix? They're determined, it seems, to do their best at screwing up... or something.

Some of their decisions- like not having Type-0 come out in the west until now, and never putting it on the Vita- just don't make any sense. They do kinda awesome things, like make XV, but I worry they'll botch something about it.

Like you, though, I hope they don't exit the console scene.

... assuming you meant Square-Enix, of course.

NoctisPendragon1207d ago

When do we get the west sales ?

SaveFerris1207d ago

With such low sales of hardware which inevitably leads to low sales of software, I wonder if some games may not be released on Xbox 1 in Japan?

SoapShoes1207d ago

It's already like that. Batman isn't releasing on X1 and Destiny didn't either.

SaveFerris1207d ago

Oh. I didn't know that. I guess it would save costs for both large and small studios. Thanks for the info. Bubbles for you.

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