Why The Remastered Version Of The Arkham Games Shouldn’t Exist

An Opinion article where I debate whether or not the Batman Arkham Trilogy should have its rumoured remake for the Current-Gen consoles or not.

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ninsigma1064d ago

While I don't have anything against remasters (I got tlou and MCC), I don't believe these should be remastered considering that they were multiplat and available to the widest possible audiance last gen. Also I thought they looked pretty damn good to begin with.

Spotie1064d ago

Didn't stop GTA or Tomb Raider.

ninsigma1064d ago

Did I say they should have been remastered??

Halo2ODST21064d ago

Nice to know we have the batman games getting remastered while other games such as the Thief trilogy, Deus Ex series & Hitman games aren't , i mean, you'd need a PC or Xbox Original to play Deus Ex IW, which only the PC is still around but the batman games are still widely availble on mutiple plats,

ninsigma1064d ago

Theif on the original xbox was really cool. I'd like to see that one done.

bmwfanatic1064d ago

Why these articles shouldn't exist. Seriously these articles are more tiring than the games themselves.

ArturAraujo1064d ago

You know you're helping me by commenting, right?

bmwfanatic1064d ago

Im not attacking you personally, but seeing 5 + articles a day about the same thing is boring. There is plenty of other thought provoking things to write about in gaming relevant to today.

ArturAraujo1064d ago

Yes guys, I know I've wrote "ejaculation", it's an error that should be corrected as soon as my boss may.
BTW, you cna blame the corrector from WordPress.

Fro_xoxo1064d ago

I couldn't get into asylum, and I didn't bother with city.

I'm gunning straight for arkham knight.. not gonna bother spending my play time on the old ones.

FullmetalRoyale1064d ago (Edited 1064d ago )

Idk. I have every intention of replaying the Rocksteady Arkham games, one game a month, two months before Arkham Knight comes out.
Now I may have the opportunity to get the platinum(batinum?) for both of those games again, and I won't have to download them again, dusting off and hooking up my old PS3 in the process?
Higher resolution and better performance?
I'll take it, please.
If you don't want to buy it, hook up your old system(s) and have fun.
I want it. Who is anyone to say I shouldn't be able to choose whether or not I want a product? Just no? No I can't have it? Seems very selfish to me.

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