Yakuza 0 Review – Zero the Hero (PSLS)

"This is the best Yakuza game to date — the result of 10 years spent not just perfecting a formula, but adding to it. Zero has the best of everything the series is loved for and more with its extremely detailed environments, rewarding exploration, endless side content, outstanding combat, fun mini games (including multiplayer), and a great story. Put that in a fantastic graphical package that runs like a dream and you’ve got a game I’d recommend to any action RPG fan." -PSLS

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knifefight1207d ago

Hopefully 5 does well enough for Sega to bring this over. Sadly, I think Ishin is doomed to stay Japan exclusive.

yuukiliu1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

Just finished Ishin this afternoon. 68 hours. Absolutely loved it. This is on my shelf waiting for me to play next. If this is better I will be in gaming heaven.

q8kik1207d ago

Dammit sega just bring it over
How expensive would it be to translate a 50 hour game ?

akiraburn1207d ago

I completely agree with you that Yakuza 0 needs to be localized, as does Ishin, however it's important to keep in mind that there's a ton of things besides the main 50 hours of content that need translation work.

There's somewhere near 100 mini games in every Yakuza now, each of which needs translating (just for a few examples: baseball, golf, fishing, darts, pool, karaoke, three entire casinos with drastically different games in each, bowling, multiple hostess clubs, the Sega arcade games, fighting arena, etc). And even aside from those are the hundred or more side-missions that each game has, plus all the stores and restaurants, and the neat extras like any new/bonus content for New Game Plus.

I'm hopeful that they announce a Yakuza 5 release date before E3 (or perhaps they have something special/surprising lined up for E3 specifically), and also hoping that Yakuza 0 is already planned for a release sometime relatively soon thereafter. I don't know what our odds are for getting Ishin, but I believe it really would have been beneficial for them to have released it simultaneously back in February last year in all regions, as there was a bit of a drought in games at that point, and they could have exposed a ton of new people to the game who were just looking for something to play. Even though that time has passed, I'm hopeful that they will still release it and that it will still garner them some new fans.

yuukiliu1207d ago

Ishin will never get a western release. It is all about Japanese history and so many things you won't understand if you don't know anything. The only reason 5 is getting a release is because Sony is doing the translating themselves. They will have to do the same thing for this to release in the west. Sega is clearly not interested in releasing these games in the west.

HammadTheBeast1207d ago

They should just hand it over to Atlus to translate.

Clown_Syndr0me1207d ago

Can you play this on an English ps4? Is there English subtitles?

knifefight1207d ago

-Yes, it will play on any PS4, because PS4 (and PS3 and Vita for that matter) are region free.
-There are not English subtitles.
-There are, however, English guides and translations starting to pop up. Keep an eye out, especially on places like Gamefaqs and KHH subs (who did an amazing translation of Yakuza Ishin).

jonboi241207d ago

Wouldn't be surprised if Sony Third Party Relations localizes this and publishes it to the west.

Haki11121207d ago

one can hope! Thought we would never seen Yakuza 5 over here in the states!

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