PlayStation TV sales up 1,272% on Amazon since price cut

PlayStation TV sales appear to have skyrocketed following the device's price cut earlier this week.

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nix1124d ago

that means it's actually up by 636%...

nix1124d ago

i meant money that Sony would be making.. they've cut the price so lesser the profit.

the_dark_one1124d ago

ok, but they are not talking about the profit here they talking about PSTV sales going up by 1272%

user55757081123d ago

would be nice if they specified europe. still too expensive in north america

theFAYEsorceress1124d ago

that is NOT how math works lolz even if they said "profit" was up "x" amount of percent, you'd still be wrong... "sales" has ALWAYS referred to the number of units sold.

Unspoken1123d ago

But the ratings remained the same.

Cut price nearly in half and now it is closer to what its actually worth.

Just check back in a few weeks and we'll see the percentage drop down just as dramatically after everyone who was on the fence aquires one.

NecotheSergal1123d ago

Not even one incidental agree on this post XD

But yeah, what the_dark_one said. You must be new here. Or really young.

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Summons751124d ago

Well what do you expect when something was over priced and they finally stopped expecting people to buy that? I might even get one now.

UKmilitia1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

they just need to see more sense and lower price of vita cards.

lower price nad i will be buying a vita and one of these tv things.

Rodney251123d ago

Lol I love How you called it "one of these TV things" makes you sound like a grandpa getting mad at technology.

Kane221124d ago

it was not overpriced. i just think people didn't really have a reason to buy one or sony didn't do enough to convince people. lowering the price of anything is gonna get people to buy it more. this is nothing new.

donwel1124d ago

And a severe lack of advertising, though that's been par for the course with Sony and the Vita.
I remember sales of the Vita picking up around christmas time when it had a bit of a presence on UK television but they just seem to have forgotten about it again now. It's some of the most unusual handling of a gaming device I've ever seen.

miyamoto1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

If you are a fan of the LEGO games Lego Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin PS Vita/PS TV version is really the console experience on the go.
So much fun!

XanderZane1124d ago

Now if they can fix the PSNow pricing we'll all be happy. PSTV is a waste of money. I'm very happy playing my PS Vita games on the regular screen. I haven't seen any advertising for the PSTV. I still won't get one.

Kleptic1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

I don't even know what the PSTV is? Is it still a Eu/Uk only thing?

I bought a Sony TV late last year for a great price, and it has PSNow as well as some remote play features built in (didn't look into exactly what it was, launching the app just starts bugging you to connect a Vita)...also has bluetooth connectivity that allows a DS3 to be paired and connected (for the PSNow stuff)...weirdly though, the manual specifically says this model TV will only work with a DS3, not a DS4... that all the PSTV did outside of typical video streaming? I can understand why no one has ever heard of it, especially considering it seems a lot of newer Sony televisions have it...kind of built in...

FamilyGuy1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )


The PS TV is a PS Vita console, it plays vita games on your tv (and does many of the things a vita can do) rather than being portable.

rainslacker1123d ago

What would be an appropriate price to you? Not saying you're wrong, but the price has been pretty reasonable for a while now...particularly for the one with the controller, game, and mem card.

Think there was just a lack of demand due to terrible marketing, and possibly Sony not caring that much. I imagine they aren't losing money on these things though, or else they'd drop the line entirely.

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mushroomwig1124d ago

Not surprisingly, I also have it on my Amazon wish list now. Just waiting until pay day!

SniperControl1124d ago

I actually bought one on Thursday(day before price drop) then found out on Friday that Sony were dropping it to half price, went back to Argos for a refund of the difference and they would not do it.

It was only when i kicked up a fuss and started to quote European consumer law and getting trading standards involved did they relent.

One for customer power...

sonerone1124d ago

U should've just bring it back, ask for refund sayin it's not working or something and than buy a new one on half price. U could save some stress for yourself

SniperControl1124d ago


I shouldn't have to though, i only bought it the day before(18 hours in fact), I bought a large screen TV last year and it went down in price by £150 one week later, John Lewis had no problems whatsoever in refunding the difference back to me there and then.

I just think i got a jobsworth who didnt want to refund the difference.

Not many people know that EU consumer law gives the customer alot of power, 90% of customers in my position would have walked out there with nothing and there tails between there legs.

Yehshuah1124d ago

you damn average consumer. all you do is work and buy. no wonder the world is like what it is.

DarkZane1124d ago

If that price cut come to north america (I don't doubt that it will) I am definitely buying it. Freedom Wars, Tales of Hearts R and Sword Art Online are just 3 of the games I wanna play on TV.

dolphin_supreme1124d ago

I know you can stream vita to ps tv, but ca you use a ds4 to pkay your vita games? If so, then I'm definitely getting it! Love my vita but the controls are too close for my hands. I also don't like those hand grips.

uth111124d ago

The PS TV can use a DS4 or Ds3

Becuzisaid1124d ago

I'm almost certain that you can, though do your own research on it to be sure.

morganfell1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

You can use a DS4. I purchased one specifically for that purpose. Just plug it in to the PS TV and hit the PS button on the controller to assign it and then you can go wireless. After that you only need to pkug it in if you want to use the PS TV to charge it. Personally, I use a separate stand alone charger but the point is it functions like a normal controller on a console.

Rockstar1124d ago

You absolutely can. I'm using my camo DS4 on it right now.

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rainslacker1123d ago

It's only $89.99 right now on amazon for the bundle. Regular one is $68. Think that's a pretty good price to take the plunge, because all those games are great(can't speak for SAO though).

I'd recommend Ys also, but not sure if it's compatible as of yet.

Morpheuzpr1124d ago

I could never got over how stupid people are. They were always saying that the Vita was too expensive yet they were paying $500-$600 for a phone that at the time the vita released were less powerful and had lower tech.

I personally believe they are the reason the Vita is at the state it is. They always preferred to play crappy mobile games vs games like Uncharted, Gravity Rush, Ys, Tokiden, Freedom Wars, Killzone, Little Big Planet, Rayman, Soul Sacrifice and so many more. It's ridiculous IMO.

SaiyanFury1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

I love how you got a disagree, and no doubt I will as well, but what you said is absolutely true. People will dish out 4-500 dollars for a phone every 2 or so years, yet complain about the price of the Vita. God above, the entitlement mentality annoys me to no end. People just can't stand to hear the truth. Bubble from me for conveying simple common sense.

Haki11121124d ago

Compare a mobile phone to a mobile gaming device is the truth? You sir just went full potato

OldDude1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

I love how stupid your argument is. Comparing a phone to a Vita. Last I checked I couldn't make a phone call on my Vita.

Hey I have an idea, lets compare it to my Harley, it makes just about as much sense.

Morpheuzpr1124d ago

So to you the ability to make phone calls is worth the extra $200-$300? And FYI the vita has Skype so yes you can make phone calls with it.

pwnsause_returns1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

You can make phone calls with it with Skype.....the 3G version didnt sound so bad after all, considering that you are paying for mobile data, and in top of that, a cheap Skype plan.

Then again by the time the 3G version came out, lte service was beginning to take over.

G20WLY1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

Oops. Morpheuzpr just made OldDude look real silly.

The point Morpheuzpr was making was that some people drop 400-500 or more every year or so on REPLACEMENT phone - i.e. they already had a phone for calls - and yet these gamers complained that the Vita was too expensive.

Incidentally, as much as I love my Vita, the memory cards ARE too expensive and I think that's held back people from buying one. I hope Sony address that issue next.

This price for PS TV is a no brainer. Play PS4 games from a hotel room on a work trip? Yes frickin' please! :)

blastcorp641124d ago

Sony should do what phone service providers do by offering subsidized vitas for a 2 year commitment to PS plus or something along those lines. I would guess most people don't pay $600 for a phone but through some sort of subsidized program or payment plan. Besides, phones are inherently more in demand due to necessity. I'm sure only a very small minority buy phones for gaming.

maniacmayhem1124d ago

Smartphones and that particular market is in a whole different class than the dedicated portable handheld crowd.

Phones appeal to a wider audience, has A LOT more uses and is a necessity to most people of the world. The Vita is not, it caters to the niche hardcore gamer demographic which are not willing to spend 500-600 on a gaming system, they sure as heck wont spend anywhere near that for a portable gaming handheld.

Ravenor1124d ago

I'm always a little aghast at the logic some people employ here.

"So to you the ability to make phone calls is worth the extra $200-$300?" Like what kind of Sony juice have you been sucking down?

I'm all for dedicated gaming platforms, but comparing them to Smartphones is Grade A stupid. My phone is basically a little computer, my Vita is not. It's a game machine that does game machine things.

ALSO, STOP, STOP, STOP making value judgments for other people. You think the Vita is a good value, others would rather buy a phone then a dedicated game machine, some people (me) just don't like using them. There isn't a one size fits all in this situation and sometimes, SOMETIMES people value the functions a phone does infinitely better than a Vita (Apps, Web Browsing) far more than games on the go.

KwietStorm1124d ago

I don't know how that comparison fits at all, basically saying all those people who pay unlocked prices for phones (like me), are buying ybrm with the intention of using it as a gaming device. I sure as hell don't care much for games on phones, and I personally haven't seen people complain about the price of the Vita. I do always see complaints about the games available, that being that there aren't enough, or that the system isn't taken advantage of. All those people you say who prefer "crappy mobile games" were never in the market for the Vita in the first place. To somehow come to the conclusion that they are the reason the Vita is in the state that it is, it just sounds like you're coming to the defense for something you have no obligation to defend.

rainslacker1123d ago

I think it's problems lie more in the perception that it doesn't have any games. The system was never really overpriced for what it is. The 3DS was only like $20 cheaper upon the Vita's release and it is nowhere near as capable. Memory cards made the Vita less appealing as they were required. The constant barrage of misinformation about the system hasn't helped it sell well. Other than that, Sony gave up marketing the system way too soon, and instead of trying to be clever with the name, they should have just called it the PSP2, so people would recognize it for what it is.

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