Omega Quintet Is Horrible [Hands-On Preview] - GR

"Where do I f***ing begin with Omega Quintet?

My purchase decision seems as good a place as any. You know me as a guy usually playing and writing about RPGs. Most of them are Japanese. Many of them are turn-based. Anime style and poppy music are not uncommon themes in the games I gush about. Remember? Me? That guy? Okay." -GR

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knifefight1122d ago

Seems decent if you like Hyperdimension games.

Spotie1122d ago

Now, why can't more people have that sort of response?

Even this preview should probably have said that. It sounds like it's right in line with other IF games, the Neptunia titles, etc. The story is apparently bad, but as the author is too busy making himself look cool/pissed off by using profanity every third sentence, he never gets around to that. It honestly sounds like somebody who didn't want to like the game- surprise!- not liking the game.

But he doesn't say it's not his type of game. He says it's horrible. Which is, in all likelihood, a gross exaggeration.

He could take a lesson or two from you.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1122d ago

Yeah I played Mugen Souls on PS3 and Omega Quintet is probably more of the same. Maybe pick it up when it's on sale for 19 bucks.

ChrisW1122d ago

A gaming genre that should have died after the PS2 was no longer supported.

Griever1122d ago

That is an unbelievably self-centered and immature comment. Are we all supposed to play only what you like? Maybe they should kill your favorite genre of games? How would you feel? People have different tastes and they do not need to comply with others. Who are you to decide what should or should not exist?

ChrisW1122d ago

Wow... Chill out man! I seriously cannot believe how pissed off you got.

I wasn't referring to JRPGs, which unintentionally what it seems like... I was referring to the PS2 generation character stills used for dialogue.

DarXyde1122d ago


Well, you did say "genre". And "something that should've died out after PS2 was no longer supported".

Given that JRPGs are a genre and those games were at their peak popularity in the PSOne/PS2 era, I would've taken that the same way, actually.

oblistar1122d ago


Dat boi Chris can't catch a break xD

ChrisW1121d ago


Yeah... I said, "genre"... And 25+ Disagrees is what I get.


Yup... SIGH...

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Rachel_Alucard1122d ago

Nice use of coarse language like an angry 13 year old with a short attention span.

Aside from that, this is the pure definition of a niche game. Mugen souls and Omgea Quintet are very similar in form and execution so its no surprise most people would not enjoy it. I currently own every game and collectors edition in the Hyperdimension neptunia series so I might enjoy something like this.

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The story is too old to be commented.