Three New Tekken 7 Characters Announced: Jin Kazama, Devil Jin and the Sexy Josie; Trailers Revealed

During a 20th anniversary livestream on Nico Nico, Tekken 7 Director and Producer Katsuhiro Harada announced three new characters for the game.


Updated with the official version of the trailers.

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saimcheeda875d ago

Now I can actually look forward to this game!

MegaRay875d ago

Was there any doubt? When was the last time Jin wasn't on the roster? T2 and the orginal?

875d ago
Superduper09875d ago

Jin looks awesome as always, but Josie looks a little generic sort of like the character you can create in Soul Calibur V.
Also her movesets reminds me of Bruce's movesets for some reasons and don't seem to fit her.

kowan875d ago

She's a Filipino and she uses Eskrima(Filipino martial arts) as her fighting style and also kickboxing. Weird though since Eskrima is also called Arnis which usually involves a short wooden stick weapon. But yeah she could have had a stronger personality than the usual cutesy one.

Dark11875d ago

Why females always has to look like 17 years old in japanese games?

mature/older women do exist you know.

q8kik875d ago

Yea, i always wanted to play a female version of Heihachi.

Activemessiah875d ago

Older women doesn't appeal to Japan.

hazard17remedy875d ago

Has Hwoarang been announced ??

Furesis875d ago

been there from the beginning

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