Pokémon Shuffle (3DS eShop) Review - Cubed3

Cubed3: Does the world really need another Match-3 puzzler? Most would strongly scream no at the top of their lungs due to the cavalcade of budget releases that have 'graced' the Nintendo DS and 3DS since launch. However, looking with more of a critic's hat on, there have indeed been some true greats amongst the cheap PC ports and shoddy efforts aimed at cashing-in on the more casual market that lapped up the Brain Training and Wii Sports titles in the previous generation of systems. One such 'cream of the crop' product was that of Pokémon Link from Nintendo-owned Genius Sonority, which was followed up initially by Pokémon Link Battle! on 3DS eShop, and now this, Pokémon Shuffle, a free-to-play release, also on the online store of the 3D portable. Whilst Cubed3 ponders how to approach the 'value' section of this review, read on to find out how well the game plays.

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