How to Farm 1,000 Blood Echoes in Two Minutes in Bloodborne on PS4

Bloodborne can be a stern challenge in the opening hours, but prepare yourself and you'll be able to make short work of bosses such as Father Gascoigne and the Blood-Starved Beast. One way to get the upper-hand if you're really struggling is to farm some Blood Echoes, which you'll be able to use to level up in the Hunter's Dream. You'll need more and more of these to improve your character over time, but one easy way to milk a few levels can be done an hour or so into the game.

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itsjustexuma1064d ago (Edited 1064d ago )

Does anyone know how to use an item multiple times from the inventory at once ? Like what button do I click

SpinalRemains1381064d ago

Just have multiple of that item and when you use it the game will ask if you want to use multiple.