Mortal Kombat X Offers Easy Fatalities

Mortal Kombat, considered one of the more difficult videogames in the industry, is giving players an easier way to pull off the signature fatalities in the upcoming Mortal Kombat X.

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Majin-vegeta1209d ago

And just like that I'm cancelling my pre order.I'm tired of Damm devs dumbing down their freaking game because little Billy cries that it's too hard to do something.

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LOGICWINS1209d ago

PLEASE cancel it. We don't need more whiners playing online.

jdktech20101209d ago

Overreact much? They made a totally optional after fight sequence easier so everyone can enjoy doing the franchise's signature feature. If your upset about little Billy using an easier fatality on you, you ight worry about why you lost and put Billy in that fatality situation in the first place.

Just a thought

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SMcNu7151209d ago

Entitled much? It's just the fatalities, nothing game breaking. Games are not made just for you. They are made with way more than just you in mind, chill out.

mhunterjr1209d ago

What a silly thing to complain about. Finishing moves were arbitrarily complicated combos. How does the fact that others have an option to access them more easily negatively impact you?

ZombieKiller1209d ago

Who cares, you get to watch your guy die instead of the ass on the other end, ducking and jumping like he's trying to either have a seizure or kill you.

Are you REALLY going to cancel your pre-order and deny yourself this game because it's easier for someone you don't even know?

You must be a real gamer.

Koopdogg1209d ago

WOW readmuch???????

There is an option for players that infact are not good at mortal Kombat with skill of quick button pressing and timing but still love the game unlike the worldstar PRO you seem to be ,so they can be able to execute fatalities easier!!!!!

If you put your skill of playing MK in a skill called reading ,you'd be better off in this life or just continue to throw a babality of a strop when you see a title you're not happy with !!!!

ironfist921208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

To be honest, if you get your ass handed by a novice player, they deserve to be able to do a Fatality on you...

Or in your case, Quitality xD

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Wonder_Punk1209d ago

I don't understand, are they different from normal fatalities? Also, what makes them easy?

CerebralAssassin1209d ago

I didn't read the article but I would assume the input for the fatalities or possibly more time to put the correct combination of buttons to do it.

bbad1209d ago

You have to have special items (skulls) to perform the easy fatalities

Heyxyz1209d ago

I'm glad, I never understood why you had to press 10,000 buttons just to perform a fatality.

Army_of_Darkness1209d ago

Performing a complicated button pressing fatality after defeating someone makes me feel that much more of a Boss ;-)

CorndogBurglar1209d ago

Most fatalities are only 5 buttons. Usually its 4 directions and an attack button. Are we really gonna act like thats an overwhelming amount of buttons to press?

ZombieKiller1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

Usually it's 5 buttons I agree. This was tough to do 15 years ago :/

Adolph Fitler1208d ago

Good, I don't want to play my fighting games, with my head down in a book, laptop, or whatever, to find which 20 button combination sequences a pre-determined death sequence...
If I beat the sh1t out of someone, then let me easily "Finish Him", as it's hard enough to beat someone in fighting give us a ONE BUTTON HIT option, to make the fatalities available to people who aren't able to hold numbers in there head, & aren't reliant on there underwear being bought from K-Mart.