Halo: Online is playable, modifiable, and will soon receive community support for online multiplayer

Halo: Online is the upcoming free-to-play, PC-exclusive game, that's currently only available in Russia. It's worth mentioning that the game in its entirety is already translated into several other languages, including English. Most speculation points toward this releasing in the United States and other countries sometime after the release of Halo 5.

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Bigpappy1063d ago

They did a nice job re-mastering the levels.

Moldiver1063d ago

Makes sense. Now MS have their PC halo game, without detracting from the X1 halo experience. This will be big for the PC modding community that will help grow the W10 PC gamerbase. If they add X1 cross play, it will be huge! Ill gladly play MCC and halo 5 on X1 while playing with PC guys on this via my X1 or my PC. Depending on where in my house, I am. Especially if it has unified XBox gamertag and achievements support.

Rimeskeem1063d ago

I think PC people would destroy console players. The mouse is simply better for FPS.

Aloren1063d ago

Lots of people played Titanfall with a controller on PC and didn't get destroyed.

theRell1063d ago

There's more that goes on in a Halo gunfight than other FPS games, not just a point and click thing. So it will come do to the player.

sourav931063d ago

Funny how I play games like BF4 and Advanced Warfare with a controller, and usually do rather well (usually in the top 3 for AW and top 5 for BF). So you argument doesn't really stand. It all depends on the skill level of the player using the particular set of controls.

NuggetsOfGod1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

I don't about that but in my experience pc gamers destroy console gamers when it comes to team work lol

Aim assist is unsatisfying for me.

Turning at 1 inch per second makes me feel like I am under water.

Any controls that let u check both sides of a room in 1.5 secs wins!!

Pc gamers who are actually good will destroy console gamers.

Would love to see pc vs console counter strike again.

Quick head shots with a controller?

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Moldiver1063d ago

I play hawken and firefall with a controller. I dont get bested by keyboard players often.and I dont think I am the only gamepad user who could say that... Ill just leave that at that.

Somebody1063d ago

"help grow the W10 PC gamerbase."

Or dilute Windows PC gaming even further. Apple and Android devices are filled to the brim with F2P games with heavy emphasis on microtransactions and MS is trying to do the same for W10. Everything that MS planned for W10 are F2Ps and the occasional indie games. I tried giving mobile gaming a chance but so far it never appealed to me. I don't think I'll be interested for W10 gaming if it's just a mirror of what mobile gaming is while the good stuff is locked away on the X1.

StrayaKNT1063d ago

Looks like this will get huge in Russia

playstation4epic1063d ago

Not really Russia is PlayStation dominated

StrayaKNT1063d ago

Your talking about one of the highest rated games of all time. The best fps ever made improved from the highest rated exclusive (halo 1-97) and you want to say not really LOL ok

playstation4epic1063d ago

The past doesn't necessarily result in something becoming huge and especially in Russia which is PlayStation dominated, just like the rest of Europe

mhunterjr1063d ago

No, Russia is PC dominated...

aviator1891063d ago

Both playstation and xbox significantly (I can't stress this enough) pale in comparison to the pc market dominance in Russia....hence why Halo Online is pc only.
Russia is pretty much a f2p/pc haven at this point.

Pogmathoin1063d ago

PS maybe does dominate to 5% or so console gamers there... PC absolutely dominates there...

spicelicka1063d ago

This is on PC, nothing to do with PS or Xbox....

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001063d ago

this is probably going to ruin their free to play model they had going, either way PC master race prevails once again.

Conkerkid111063d ago

I find it odd that the only person who seems to have actually read the article is getting all of the disagrees.

Everybody else complaining about it being Russia only, when the community who is currently modding it is based on the United States.

KiwiViper851063d ago

How can a PC game be region locked? Aren't there ways around this?

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