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Ben from TG writes "It’s only a couple of days now until the new DLC for Evolve arrives and I was lucky enough to be invited to a special 2k event in Australia showcasing the new content. I really didn’t think that Evolve could get any better but then I went and played the new DLC and boy is it good!"

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crazychris4124935d ago

Just let me know when the complete edition is $30.

Xequter934d ago

me too.

They should have adopted the free-to-play model and charge people for skins, XP bonus, quick unlocks...etc.

joab777934d ago

Yeah. This seems like it shpuld have come with it.

DarkOcelet935d ago

"With a new character in each class and the biggest monster that could be created this is an exciting DLC pack. Whether you choose to be a hunter or a monster you will fall in love with these new additions, who pack some of the strongest attributes of anyone in Evolve"

So they are releasing the strongest monster and hunter 49 days after the game release. That tells you exactly that the dlc was in the finishing stages and needed some polish. Those @ssholes are making people basically pay for a cut out content.

Elit3Nick934d ago

my god what the hell is with this smear campaign, if you bothered to watch how the new characters play you would see that they have huge drawbacks to their playstyles. That is especially true for the Behemoth, who loses health stupid fast because of how big he is, I'm betting he'll be underpowered at launch. Of course you'd rather talk s*** about the game than due your research

ifistbrowni934d ago (Edited 934d ago )

Kinda wish I never bought this game. Not because of the issues with DLC/cut content but because the game is boring.

It's just not a fun game.

littlezizu934d ago

Same here. I returned it after a week got half of my money back.

ifistbrowni934d ago (Edited 934d ago )

I bought digital. Salt in the wound.

Also, the author says, "I really didn't think Evolve could get any better." Really, guy? You can't think of a single way "base/retail" Evolve could be better?

Either the author is easily satisfied or lacks imagination/creativity. There is no way Evolve could be considered the "perfect game."

I see Bloodborne catching flack over loading screens, meanwhile Evolve got a HUGE pass. Very few reviews mentioned that Evolve featured loading screens for loading screen for another loading screen. I think the game features 4 loading screens before you actually get to drop out of the ship.

Loading screens are just one example of how Evolve could be improved.

Snookies12934d ago (Edited 934d ago )

You should still have an issue with the cut content they're forcing people to pay for... Their DLC practices are exactly why I went from excited about the game, to not even bothering to touch it. Really glad I didn't give them money.

EvilWay934d ago ShowReplies(1)
GutZ31934d ago

Sorry, still boring :/

fallacious934d ago

I hope this game loses its player base by the beginning of summer.

Elit3Nick934d ago

What an immature thing to say, if you don't like the game that's fine, but there are plenty of people, including me and my friends, who deeply enjoy playing this when we're not playing Battlefield Hardline

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The story is too old to be commented.