10 Wii U Games Releasing In 2015 Our Readers Are Excited About Since Zelda Is Off The Table


Sadly, Zelda Wii U has been delayed, leaving a fairly large void for the Wii U to fill in 2015. In lieu of the disappointing delay, our readers shared some of the Wii U titles they are looking for.

Following the news of the delay, we issued a discussion post asking readers what Wii U games they were now looking forward to this year, and we've tallied the results of the assorted comments below.

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thorstein1183d ago

And these are just the Wii U games coming out this year.

I think 2015 might just be the blockbuster year for gaming. Awesome.

cmgs1183d ago

You basically counted every Wii U game releasing this year.

WeAreLegion1183d ago

Super excited for Yoshi's Wooly World.

Jag-T10001183d ago

None of these games have freaking release dates! 2015 that's it! They are scared because they can delay at any second.

RPGrinder1183d ago

And E3 should have more announcements.

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