Early Thoughts and Impressions on Bloodborne Part 1 | Marooners' Rock

Jon writes:

"As a huge fan of From Software’s Souls series since the first game, I’ve been dying to play Bloodborne since it was announced. So far I’ve beaten the first two bosses and raked up ~5 hours playtime with more to come in the following days, but I wanted to share my impressions thus far before moving on."

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BallsEye1030d ago

No one mentioning framerate drops to 16 fps?

I understand the game is cool but for that kind of framerate on ps4 AC:Unity was eatn alive eventho it looks amazing. Double standards for exclusive game? I'd love to see atleast one unbiased review.

H2OAcidic1030d ago

From what I know the writer will be doing a few of these. After those "impressions" are done he'll be doing a full review of the game.

ziggurcat1029d ago

you will go to any length you can in order to downplay a PS exclusive, won't you... perhaps no one cares because the dips never occur when it's important: during a boss fight or during any regular combat.

for the record, IGN deducted points for the loading screen, and frame rate dips - IGN did not do the same when it came to AC: Unity. and since when were high-scoring reviews biased? or are the only unbiased reviews of PS exclusives 2-5/10?

NerdStalker1030d ago

Great exclusive, nobody cares for the negatives because everybody who has a playstation is too busy enjoying the master piece. If we judged every game on minor flaws then half the xbox one exclusives would be 5-6/10 for not being 1080p but would just be stupid wouldn't it. Haters will always find a way too bash a game even if it makes then sound stupid just like the original poster at the top there. Here you have a awesome game and he's talking about frame rates which most people obviously haven't noticed because the game itself is amazing.