It's Officially Time For Some Nintendo Land DLC

rustyshell: It's time Nintendo Land was shown some love in the form of DLC. So much untapped potential in the game most Wii U owners have a copy of.

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Wonderful1011150d ago

Doubt they will support this game, but DLC would be awesome.

1150d ago
Nodoze1149d ago

Needs amiibo support for sure.

1149d ago
godmachine1149d ago

they should be working on dlc for almost all there titles....since nintendo cant get third parties to fill the gap between big releases..this will keep older titles relevant much longer i mean we will be talking about mario kart 8 all over again once dlc 2 comes out..its funny but i would easily pay for some new lanes in wii sports club bowling...still a great game but after so many online matches id like the option to change it up ..and while this im sure will raise eyebrows what the heck happened to 3dtv ...nintendo because of 3ds has actual knowledge in 3d content and i dont know about the rest of the world but i bought a 3d tv to game on and only nvidia kept up...3d patch for 3d world anyone