E-Pals: The Future of Video Game Releases

Are episodic games a passing fad, or will they stick around and become more frequent? Karl Dodds and Buddy Acker debate the matter in the new E-Pals.

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ibrake4naps1210d ago

I love these! I currently am playing tales of borderlands, games of thrones, and life is strange. All excellent!

lemoncake1210d ago

Personally I prefer to wait until all episodes are released before playing them back to back, some like to get hold of stuff asap so it's a good system as their feedback also has some influence on later episodes.

Jyndal1210d ago

I think in the long run episodic games are going to hurt the industry. For now, it's $5 purchases for a total of about $25 bucks a game, but when larger companies figure out they can make more money off a AAA episodic title, along with DLC, expect the price to go up.