Is Motion Capture the Future of MMOs?

The use of motion capture has been increasingly dramatically over the last few years in both movies and in video games. Who could have predicted the realism demonstrated by Gollum in the Lord of the Rings movies or of the aliens in Avatar? While normal video games have been impacted by the development of motion capture for quite some time, the process is now infiltrating mmorpg games as well. How will the use of motion capture impact the world of online gaming? Is motion capture the future of mmos?

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Pandamobile1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

Motion capture is pretty much the future of production animation for everything.

It's taken a while, but the industry is finally starting to realize that mocap is not a means to an end, but simply another tool to use in production.

Any production that requires hundreds and thousands of animations is simply way too time consuming for even an army of animators. What mocap allows development teams to do is to quickly prototype all sorts of motions and actions, find what works, and polish up what is deemed necessary. What's awesome (especially for people like me) is that animation teams are now becoming much more involved in the design process for games. 5-7 years ago, game designers would come up with move-sets for characters and then delineate tasks to the animation teams to chip away at. Now animators have much more control over the systems that they create, and that's why you're seeing such a rapid advancement in game animation recently.

Animation-heavy games, (Watch Dogs and Assassin's Creed for example) require thousands of animations for player locomotion, cut-scenes and NPCs. Every player action needs animations. Every player action needs transition animations from every other relevant action, and these start to multiply very rapidly to the point where you now have to manage 3000+ animations for a single game.

If you're an animator with aspirations of getting into game production, you're probably going to need to be familiar with how and where motion capture is used. It's quite the process to get from shooting actors on set to having polished animations ready for a game.