Dead Or Alive 5: Itagaki Questions Why Lisa Has Been Whitewashed

Itagaki insists the change is not due to a new lighting engine, as some fans have posited.

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ps4gamer19831025d ago

How is lighting engine a legit excuse? Her hair and clothes in the white-washed model are dark; so why are they incapable of getting her skin brown? If the lighting changed it, then adjust the textures color to work with the lighting.

Bigpappy1025d ago

Yup. It is a downgrade of her color. Definitely not a Black Chick anymore.

How does Zack look now?

plsburydoughboy1025d ago

He's a little whiter too.

Also note that the pic Itagaki used isn't from Last Round. I think it might be from the original 2012 release. Clearly, Itagaki has had this on his mind for a while.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1025d ago

This is not a big deal, people can look darker or lighter depending on a lot things, the lighting around you,(not video game engine) I mean the lighting in real life. The clothes you wear can also make a difference. Sometimes people just have their days when their skin is darker, lighter, redder. It happens.

Not sure if she was ever really black or just someone with a tan but looking at both pictures I can see it possible that in real life that could be the same person in a different lighting situation or at a different time in their life when they haven't been tanning as much.

Mr Pumblechook1025d ago

@Bigpappy. I don't want to come across as self-righteous but saying that one skin colour over another is a 'downgrade' is offensive.

nosferatuzodd1025d ago

Lightning thats the syupodedt thing I've ever heard perdon.who is black are not going to look white under no light under the son and clothing makes ppl look white lol thats a new one never heatd that one before im going to put a jordan shirt on and see if I look like him

KryptoniteTail1025d ago

"Downgrade?" Why not an upgrade?

It's actually neither, objectively but you sure are racist.

Army_of_Darkness1025d ago

Whatever. I love my white chicks ;-)

Lord_Sloth1025d ago (Edited 1025d ago )

Here is an actual image of her from Last Round. She isn't white at all. That image is false, cherry picked to stir controversy.

hay1024d ago (Edited 1024d ago )

Itagaki has a hard time being relevant I see. He didn't play DOA5. Lisa's skin tends to be lighter on certain stages.

Good job Mr Butthurt. I can see why DoA is reaching it's heights without him onboard.

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bOObies1025d ago (Edited 1025d ago )

You be the judge.

Tiqila1025d ago

i prefer the white look. unnatural tan looks unnatural and she clearly was not designed as a 'black chick'

Shineon1025d ago

But she was doing capoeira which is what the African slaves used to fight off their oppressors in Brazil back in the day.They changed it into a dance just so they continue to practice it undetected.So yeah other then her skin tone and roots yeah she's a black chick!

KiwiViper851024d ago

It might just be her "alternate skin"

dcj05241024d ago

Wait none of this makes any sense. I have dead or alive and lisa looks orangey brown as usual

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bOObies1025d ago

This is getting way out of hand now. Itagaki has been mentioning DOA a lot lately and every time he does it's about something negative or a criticism. It's starting to come off desperate.

Now I always start this off with saying how much I respect the man for creating my most loved franchise, but he's starting to become a dissenter to Dead Or Alive and that means he's nothing but a negative to it these days. I am truly sorry Itagaki that you lost the right to keep making DOA, but constantly taking jabs and pointing out flaws is all too easy, just ask any internet troll exactly how simple that is.

This is coming from a fan of 16 years and who has bought EVERY DOA since, including PSP and Vita and yes, even Dimensions. I happen to really like where the series is currently, I feel it's probably more popular now than it has ever been, especially in the tournament scene. I happen to like the DLC outfits, they are all cosmetic they add nothing but visual flair and they do not segregate player base. They also offer a good revenue for Team Ninja to continue making games. So for the people who want to buy, why not offer them a choice.

I'm sorry, but Itagaki, please..please it's time to bow out admirably and offer advice and insight privately and respectfully straight to TN, and not through publications to stir up controversy. It comes across as cheap. Sorry for the long post but I take my DOA very serious ^_^

Bigpappy1025d ago (Edited 1025d ago )

I am downloading the trail now on X1 to see for myself what the hoopla is all about. But if they are removing the black race from the game, that would be a serious matter that would require a really good explanation. Lighting does not pass the smell test, that's for sure.

P.S. Those images you put up there are gorgeous. If those are recent, then I am with you. But I have the free trial on download. If there is no down grade, then I might go ahead and buy the game.

DragonKnight1025d ago

"that would be a serious matter that would require a really good explanation."


SilentNegotiator1025d ago


Because making a white character black is progressive and making a black character white is racist. lol

ameliabaz1025d ago (Edited 1025d ago )


I kinda see where those complaints come from though. There aren't a whole lot of black heroes in media (I remember seeing a study that said only around 7% of movie characters last year were black. I was really surprised by that because I thought it would be more) so changing one white character to black isn't going to be as noticeable as changing one black character to white. I don't wanna sound like the people who are always crying "OMG REPRESENTATION!!!" but it sucks that whitewashing is such a common thing even in 2015 and that there are studios who still think characters will be more appealing and sympathetic if they are changed to white (remember the controversy when that little black girl was cast in The Hunger Games and people sent her hate-mail and death threats because they pictured her character as white...even though she was black in the books). So it would be pretty shitty if the devs HAVE deliberately changed one of the few black female game characters to white.

SilentNegotiator1025d ago (Edited 1025d ago )

"I remember seeing a study that said only around 7% of movie characters last year were black"

When you consider that Hollywood is one of the biggest movie producers on the planet and is in a country that is 12% black and the fact that most European and Asian countries have lower percentages than that (and Africa/S.America not being producers of a lot of big international hits), how is 7% a bad figure? That seems right in line with what should be expected in the overall movie industry, considering where the average should lie among the big movie producers.

BallsEye1025d ago (Edited 1025d ago )

The funny thing is, I bet it wouldn't even make the news if they'd make all characters black instead. You black brothers and sisters need to chill out because it got to the point where directors, game devs etc are forcing a black person in their piece just so they won't be called racist. I never complained that snoop dogg doesn't hang out with whites in his music videos.

DragonKnight1025d ago

@ameliabaz: Tell me, what do you think of The Human Torch being, what would the term be, black faced?

rainslacker1024d ago

I've played DOA for many years, and never knew she was supposed to be black(mixed race maybe). I don't follow the whole martial arts stuff that I guess made it apparent according to the commenter above. I just thought she was very tan, and didn't notice much difference in DOA5.

What I notice though is the pictures proving she's been "made white", is that they are very bright with stadium type lighting or natural sunlight. The ones where she looks darker she's in interior dark lighting or softer blue lights. I challenge anyone to go into similar lighting with their own skin and notice the tone difference between the different lighting. Inside, with softer lights, you will look darker.

I've personally noticed this effect on all the characters in DOA5 regularly, and it's an effect that happens due to better lighting and shading models which more accurately render skin tones by calculating how light is actually reflected off of different surfaces.

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hazelamy1025d ago


you have to ask that question?

after those rants of yours about changing established characters.
especially the most recent.

i guess, according to you, white males are sacred, anything else? well they don't matter.
gotta protect those straight white males from the evils of diversity.

Tiqila1025d ago

I am all for diversity but not at the cost of creative freedom. Forcing your opinion on the designer and call it striving for diversity? I call it self-righeousness.

Spotie1025d ago

Don't start that crap again, amy. There's no straight white male-ness going on here, and you generalize the Gamergate movement as that when I, I straight black male, am completely behind it.

While I agree that- if this is actually happening- whitewashing Lisa IS a problem, it's not the same argument as the sexism/feminism debate. There are fewer black characters than there are female, and though we'd definitely like to see more people with our skin color in games- and not just as gangsters or athletes- we don't typically get up in arms about it. Cuz, you know, we're more concerned with real people getting shot and nobody facing consequences for it.

I suppose I COULD be upset at the lack of black characters in various media, but then, it's all fictional; as a writer, myself, I understand that these people can put in whatever characters they want, in whatever colors, races, and genders they want. In my ~15 years of penning stories, I have one (admittedly poorly written) gay character; does that make me anti-gay? Is it hypocritical, then, that I wholeheartedly support gay marriage?

In the end, it'd be down to the developers to change this if they wanted to. I wouldn't agree with it, especially if there's no legitimate reason for it, but it's not even like they're white people. They're Japanese.

Anyway, keep things straight. And don't call people out as being hypocrites or anything else when you, yourself, are fairly guilty in the very same arenas.

DragonKnight1025d ago

Think carefully the next time you make a post. Bigpappy wasn't talking about an iconic character, Bigpappy was talking about race. He specifically said "if they are removing race" and that it's a "serious matter requiring a good explanation." That's a FAR cry from changing Link.

Take your racism elsewhere and learn to actually think about something before you go off half-cocked.

hazelamy1024d ago

my racism?

you can't see why removing or whitewashing all the established black characters from the game is an issue, but your precious freaking link?
now that would be a frakking tragedy if they messed with him right?

you're a joke.

and who mentioned gamergate?

all i was talking about was this person who gets up in arms at the thought of anybody changing his little white boy link, but doesn't give a shite when the few black characters from a long standing game are possibly being turned white.

and they're not putting in the characters they want,they're changing established characters.

but because it's only their skin colour, this dragonknight doesn't care, not when his precious link could become a woman.

and what does the fact they're japanese have to do with it?

i assume you're talking about the devs, and not the characters, who are american as far as i recall.

because they're japanese they're given a pass when they change the characters to appease bigotries in their country?

for the record when i do actually criticise gg, it's nearly always for the sexism and homophobia, so what colour your skin is is not something i give a shit about.

anybody can be a sexist homophobe whether they're black, white or asian.

oh and the old, "there are worse things to worry about" argument.

aren't there worse things to worry about than what somebody says on an internet forum?
or what people say about gaming?

there are gangs kidnapping girls to use as sex slaves, there's people dying from ebola, there's children dying from being forced to drink dirty water in parts of africa.
and yes, innocent people getting shot by cops who get away with it.

you think these little games really matter against that?

why aren't you doing something about those things instead of being on here complaining about people criticising games?

DragonKnight1024d ago

Yes. Your racism. The term "whitewashing" is racist, as is saying this...

"i guess, according to you, white males are sacred, anything else? well they don't matter.
gotta protect those straight white males from the evils of diversity."

You're a racist. Easily proven.

Now then, let's get to your lame argument. Link is an iconic character with a long and established history and cannon surrounding him. Why is changing some character who doesn't compare a "serious issue" that "requires a good explanation?" Go on, I'll wait for anything other than a racial victim argument.

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NiteX1025d ago

Black? Looks more Hispanic to me.

SugarSoSweet1025d ago (Edited 1025d ago )

Hispanic isn't a race....

She looks like a mulatto to me... (well did)

Segata1025d ago

Hard to see your creations ruined in someone elses hands but that's what happens when you leave a company. No not blaming him just saying. Kamiya hated what they did with DMC. Inafune and Mega Man and many more and they made their own series to replace what the company they left destroyed. After Devils Third he should create a new fighting series.

deadpoolio3161025d ago

Mega Man had NOTHING to do with Inafune leaving Capcom....He has said it several times, he left because he wanted to do his own thing and focus on smaller scale games...Same thing with Kamiya had NOTHING to do with Devil May Cry HE was also on the team that developed DMC4, the game that showed the series needed to be rebooted....Its not uncommon for people to leave a major company to start their own studios and work on their own ideas...

Krew_921025d ago (Edited 1025d ago )

I'm pretty sure he didn't say those games were the reasons why any of them left. He stated they all hated the direction the games went to after they had left for whatever reason. Thus creating spiritual successors.

Segata1024d ago

Krew_92 got it. I did not say that's why they left I said they hated the direction their series were taken after they left. So they created spiritual successors.

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