Sony to Improve "Nova" Lighting Tool for PlayStation Devs to Add New Tech & Support Scene Complexity

Offering the best tools to developers is one of the key aspects of ensuring that they’ll squeeze every drop of juice from a console, and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Advanced Technology Group is looking for help in improving one of the lighting tools used on PlayStation platforms, Nova.

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thereapersson1121d ago

Man, Sony is really going all out to improve it's API. I wonder when we'll start seeing these improvements in games?

Bennibop1121d ago

Fair play to both sony and Microsoft they keep pushing for more and more out of the hardware can't wait to see what they can produce with the new tools.

redraider20111121d ago

I wish Sony and Mircosoft would get rid of all the sharing and multitasking BS and open up all 8 cores and 8GB of RAM for gaming only. But I guess people care about stupid crap so until people stop thinking they're going to get famous by "sharing" their gameplay, we'll keep having subpar graphics and gameplay on this generation of consoles.

Kumomeme1121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

if that had been done long ago
the hardware still need memory and cpu core reserve to os,background task and other functionality so the console can function not running on wind you can't be helped

also,if you think features like share button are for they getting famous,you were greatly was for enchanced player experience and communication...nowdays just able to play game not enough...did you have ps4?i see lot of user satisfied with was pretty usefull...

and you might be 'blind' for saying we keep having subpar graphics and gameplay...dont keep compare with obviously high end pc..look for exclusive too..can you say game like order 1886 had subpar graphics?infamous?uncharted 4...and how game like bloodborne had subpar gameplay?


sovkhan1121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

How can anyone believe it's gonna be otherwise??

All soft tools, API, profilers, compilers and whatever is related to creating games are in constant evolution...

That's what explains that by the end of the consoles life cycle both tools and devs reach the mastery of any given hardware.

It takes time to mature tools and more time to mature the use of them :)

stuna11121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

To be honest I don't think Sony is the least bit unsure about the capability of their hardware or software for that matter. For the past 2 years we have heard a other console maker tout about how their api and toolset will basically make their console into a seemingly totally new machine! But surprisingly Sony has been quite un-nervingly quiet. And no I don't think it's because they are unprepared! I think they are more-so taking a wait and see approach.

Many are already seeing what beautiful and detailed games can already be achieved on the PS4 hardware even now, but I think it goes a lot deeper than than that! Sony didn't put the Specs in their machine that they have just because they thought it might sound good rolling off of sombody tongue!? I think they have the capability know-how and resources to exploit, take advantage of every thread, Computing Unit, Rop and, full bandwidth of the PS4.

Every now and then Sony throws out a little tidbit of information as to what developers are working on, the tech involved, new techniques implemented and so on. But it never seems like it's in response to what someone is praising or exalting DX12 will accomplish! It more like "Oh yeah, the PS4 is testing out a new light sourcing machanic in game".

I believe Sony is well prepared for the eventual release of DX12.

Khajiit861121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

The "other" company has just runs their mouth. Sony usually lets their work talk.

stuna11121d ago

I agree, just look at this last softtware update; Sure it took longer than many would have liked it to take, but it's a solid update. Although therre were features that some wanted, there were features that others didn't want, but how is that different from anything else in this world?

One thing I think that has been proven over the years is that Sony is a good Hardware maker. Be it Cameras, TV's, DVD/Bluray players, Car Stereo's, and yes Console makers. Not taking anything away from the "Other" guys, Sony just has more hands on experience with Hardware! Just like the "Other" guys have more hands on experience with Software.

Even though Sony may not be as well versed in Software, I don't think anyone can call them slouches either. They have their own think tank individuals who know how to read/write code, and one can't discount the slew of talented developers employed by Sony also.

kraenk121121d ago

The thing is all that bragging by Microsoft while Sony has already implemented a much more fast forward API and still keeps developing it.

dcj05241121d ago

Your lying. Nobody at Microsoft claimed that it'll make the console before much better just a little. Don't lie

Tsar4ever011121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

Of course it's prepared, Microsoft's DX12 is the advancements of it's own API capabilities when concerning games development. Playstation's API/PSSL or GNM/GNMX is an new API sony started from scratch by scraping it's old Ps3 api and bringing it up to date by supporting all the latest API standards. PSSL is not static, Just it's hardware is, it's gimped HD7870 GPU can only take the ps4 so far this gen, but it's API could forever evolve to help the ps4 surpass it's hardware limitations. Microsoft & XB1 has DX12, but you can bet your bottom dollar Sony's PSSL will evolve into something will surly match it.

More Gamers should read and download this PDF for reference info, and take special note on pages 10-15, 18, 22-30, and ultimately 46 witch makes my point at the fact that Playstation's API IS NOT STATIC!!

GenuineGamer1121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

Yeah i agree it happened last gen all u hav to do is look at launch games compared to end of gen games too see.

Ps4 has its intended api. Where xbo does not. This is the difference. Xbo was made for dx12. Some of its features that are going to make a big improvement in perfomance are features ps4 already has in its api. This is why ps4 cant counter dx12 in full because in a way it already has.

It will only even out the consoles more and goes to show xbo has been gimped system tools wise compared to ps4.

Props to sony for having their system running so well at launch

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the_dark_one1121d ago

How about that!! who would had thought sony would keep improving tool to be used on ps4, color me surprised

end /s