Capitalism Killing Games and the World - Lanning

GamesIndustry - Oddworld founder despises growth models but is encouraged by the indie scene and rise of digital distribution.

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ps4gamer19831061d ago

If people don't want to buy the game, don't blame capitalism. Nobody owes you a living. And I actually like the Odd series.

Roccetarius1061d ago

Did people not complain about the advertising in Oddworld? I can't remember what kind it was, though.

CerealKiller1061d ago

This guy is talking out of both sides of his mouth. Half the article he complains about how with a publisher he gets less of a cut than by going indie, but then in the second half goes on to complain about how by going indie he can't afford to take risks or market the game. He is fighting his own argument, and luckily thanks to capitalism and the free market he has the <choice> on how to go about developing his game, either indie or with a publisher.