What Will Nintendo Do Without Zelda This Year?

Now that Zelda Wii U has been delayed, IGN pontificate on Nintendo's plan for the rest 2015.

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lunatic00011086d ago

Why can't anyone think positive about this delay...maybe they pushed Zelda Wii u back because retros metroid game is coming out nicely and ahead of schedule so its taking Zelda place as Wii u major holiday title for 2015 instead...I can dream right :)

DC7771086d ago

I think they don't mind the delay because there's nothing coming in 2016.

They said they will focus on 2015 games at E3. May be an announcement or 2 for next year but I think this Zelda will be one of the last few games..

At least they have StarFox and a few more for holiday, but if there isn't a secret Metroid or something that's it.

swice1086d ago

It has to be Metroid. It just has to...

1086d ago