Is the Next Xbox 3-4 Years Away?

Twitch's boss thinks consoles must evolve more quickly. IGN have their own ideas.

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NatureOfLogic_1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

MS might not make a next Xbox. It's currently doing nothing major for them atm and Xbox One is nothing more than a burden to their overall image.

christocolus1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

"Burden to their overall image" Huh? Sorry bro.It aint going anywhere.All you've got to backup those claims are rumors and articles based on peoples personal opinions. Why is that?even when the new CEO has stated his belief in the Xbox brand and vowed to continue to support it. Xbox opens up many possibilities for MS and the CEO has stated this and from the look of things its definitely going to play a major role in their future plans.

"CEO Satya Nadella plans to continue to back Xbox because of the prominence of games in today's software ecosystem.
Nadella said, "we're not in hardware for hardware's sake." Later he also said, "We will invest in our core console gaming and Xbox Live with a view towards the broader PC and mobile opportunity."

"Nadella said:

I have no intent to do anything with Xbox other than what we’re doing today"

"We are fortunate to have Xbox in our family to go after this opportunity with unique and bold innovation. Microsoft will continue to vigorously innovate and delight gamers with Xbox. Xbox is one of the most-revered consumer brands, with a growing online community and service, and a raving fan base. We also benefit from many technologies flowing from our gaming efforts into our productivity efforts - core graphics and NUI in Windows, speech recognition in Skype, camera technology in Kinect for Windows, Azure cloud enhancements for GPU simulation and many more.Bottom line, we will continue to innovate and grow our fan base with Xbox while also creating additive business value for Microsoft."

If we cant believe the CEO then who should we believe? should we also believe the numerous articles about Sony and Nintendo going under, even after their Execs have stated otherwise on numerous occasions? Microsoft isn't a small company.I don't think they are desperate to the point of cutting off any major divisions just yet.The company is very healthy and financially stable.I don't see them selling the brand off anytime soon and there will most likely be another Xbox after Xbox One. There will be another console generation after this one and imo it may be more online based(digital) than what we have now.

franzken1180d ago

fun times when nintendo and ps2 are the only companies competing on the console market, halo was a pc game before

TheCommentator1179d ago

@ franzken

Nintendo and, I assume you meant Sony, were never the only competing companies as Gamecube and Xbox both came out in 2002 and Sega was still there before that.

Also, Halo was a Mac title first shown at Mac World in 1999.

Fireseed1180d ago

Selling millions of units... "Burden to their image"

Hmmm, good to know in this day and age selling millions upon millions of units is failing.

snoopgg1180d ago

Are those millions of units selling at a profit price point or are they still losing money on each console they sell at that reduce price. Just asking, not trolling? I know they were losing money on that price reduction earlier on when they lowered the price.

lelo2play1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

Does that mean that every game that doesn't sell as much as GTA5 or COD is a failure?
Just because the X1 is not selling as much as the PS4, doesn't mean it's a failure.

"Is the Next Xbox 3-4 Years Away?"
The PS4 and X1 were released in 2013. Average console life cycle is 5-6 years... so yes I expect new consoles in 3-4 Years, in 2018/2019 (new Nintendo console sooner then that). The PS3-X360 life cycle lasted way too long.

1180d ago
sprinterboy1180d ago


2020 imo for xbone and playstation

CorndogBurglar1180d ago

Since when is the average console life cycle 5-6 years?

PS2 was 9 years years i believe and PS3 was 8 if i'm not mistaken.

I dont remember how long Xbox lasted, but ghe 360 was almost 10 years.

I could be a year off or so on my numbers, but either way, the last 2 console generations have lasted much longer than 6 years.

YodaCracker1180d ago


PS1 - 1995
PS2 - 2000
PS3 - 2006
PS4 - 2013

NES - 1985
SNES - 1991
N64 - 1996
GCN - 2001
Wii - 2006
Wii U - 2012

comebackkid98911179d ago

The onslaught of remasters repeating in another 4 years is frightening...

jwillj2k41178d ago

I think this generation is going to last longer than 5-6 years. That average was taken at a time when it wasnt as costly to come up with new hardware/software. Ialso feel that it has to be mandatory for backwards compatibility, since games are getting more and more expensive. I see Sony/Microsoft getting into a room and agreeing on when they should both release a new console, to guarantee competition and sales, but I do not see that happening in 3-4 years, since they will want to milk their current platforms to the max. Finally, morpheus coming out at the END of 2016, so say 2017. Do you think they are going to create a new console 1 year after launch? I think not.

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ABizzel11180d ago

There's a next console from all 3 in the next 3 - 5 years. Technology is simply evolving too fast for it not to happen.

The real question is if MS jumps the gun, will Sony follow, or will they do their own thing.

If we have a new Xbox in 2018 (3 years), that means we're at best getting GTX 970 - 980 performance out of the console (if they stick with AMD, probably the R300 series, but re-engineered for significantly lower TDP).

That's not going to be the jump people want from the consoles, and at best will be aiming for 1440p @ 60fps for games most current-gen games (The Order, Forza Horizon 2, Battlefield 4, COD: AW, etc...), at 5 - 6 TFLOPS.

If that happens then the consoles will be forced to move to a new trend of shorter cycle release such as every 4 / 5 years we have a new hardware cycle, and IMO that will be where one of the major players dies, because the majority of gamers will not be buying all 3 consoles every few years, and will be forced to stick to their platform of choice.

If they wait another year or two, and start at a $500 asking price. Then the consoles will be powerhouses for years to come and offer around 10+ TFLOPS of performance, 4k gaming, and the technological push to move games forward a generation.

It's a tricky business and situation to be in. Go all out and get the best power and tech you can in 2020 with a $500 console. Or launch early with a $400 console in 2018.

My guess is like this gen, we'll end up somewhere in the middle, with a modest consoles around 6 - 7 TFLOPS of performance, a $400 price, 2019 launch, with a push for 4k, but most games sticking to QHD, 2k, 3k range. The good thing is resolution will be pretty much a non-factor with those settings (although higher is still better), and the power should be enough to offer a slight graphics boost, but it puts more emphasis on developers having to make good games.

Honestly I want MS to go Intel and NVIDIA, while Sony goes AMD (possibly Samsung if the rumors are true about the buyout). Intel and NVIDIA are baking MS 100% with their Windows 10 and DX12 push, and it would be hugely beneficial for MS to work with them specially NVIDIA to change the way computers are designed, and more important how the Xbox is designed with NVIDIA-Link, and their other technologies. It could be a huge opportunity for MS as a corporation, and not just the Xbox division.

Sony on the other hand should stick with AMD. They have the best price : performance ratio, and they can make a console that cost the same as the Xbox, and get a bit more performance out of it, at the cost of a higher TDP, which would keep them in the position of most powerful console, while MS takes a newfound position transitioning PC and console gaming into One, PConsole.

AnteCash1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

Both Sony and MS are making profit very quickly in console life and that will allow i hope for a more powerfull hardware compared to what they put in this gen.

I think 6-7 TF is too small estimate, a 240$ medium gpu like R9 280x is 4 Tflops today, 300 series is coming and the replacement will be more powerful for the same money, so 3 year from now i think the minimum will be 8TFlops.

Edit: If the NX from nintendo is a new console and hardware leaks start going next year we will have a better idea on the power of PS5 ,X2.

I think all 3 will stick with AMD since they do APU , going with nvidia and Intel is a expensive even for MS.

Moldiver1180d ago

"I think all 3 will stick with AMD since they do APU , going with nvidia and Intel is a expensive even for MS."

^^There are two benefits to this:

Backwards compatibility.

X86 means games can still be ported to current gen machines with little cost. MS will have another DX based API, in the ready so I expect them to handle cross gen ports exceptionally well in the next round, along with backwards compatibility and scalability. Not unlike how PC games scale between hardware.

"Honestly I want MS to go Intel and NVIDIA"

Such a console would be considerably more powerful than PS5. I hear what your saying about aAMDs cost to power ratio, but MS is a much bigger comnpany than sony and Nvidia GPUs tend to outperform AMDs. MS will opt to take the cost hit, old school style, to make sure they are the strongest out the gate.I know MS wont want the weaker console for a second time running. So its a possibilty. But I doubt MS would ever make another Nvidia based console after what happened with the first Xbox. Nvidia kinda screwed them into cutting its life short. Its old news as clearly the companies are on a better page these days. But I think MS will utilise maybe a powerful custom intel CPU with DX at its heart, mated to a custom, to an AMD GPU that shoots for the stars in terms of performance. They wont allow themselves the weaker console again. Ill put money on that. The weaker console runs the danger as being the perceived loser/underdog, and MS dont like that. They have figured out that most gamers have that perception (finally) the hard way with X1.

I honestly expect X2 to be a monster that bares all the hallmarks of a company that did not want the weaker console.MS will throw billions into making sure of that.And they will have THAT console that, is all, ill say. Resolution gate has cost them quite a lead this cycle. They wont give sony that advantage again.

ABizzel11180d ago


6 - 7 would be mid-range in another 3 years.

5 - 6 is high end right now. Supposedly the R9 390 is aiming for 8 TFLOPS, and the 980 Ti for 6+ (but NVIDIA GPUs basically get a 20% boost in TFLOSP to match AMD) so 7+.

Well the problem is the TDP for those GPUs are too high for a console (well the 390x is), and for a brand new 2015 GPU, that's a $500+ cost on graphic alone. In another 2 - 3 years that GPU will be mid-range, with a newer model out 560x / 660x, and will have a significantly lower TDP, and a more reasonable price in the $150 - $200 range.

So yeah 6 - 7 TLOPS is extremely possible in the 2018 - 2019 range, especially if they plan on upgrading hardware in other areas as well like CPU FX 8300e (the biggest complaint about these current consoles), RAM (DDR4 / eDRAM / eSRAM / GDDR6 / etc....), a SSD / Hybrid HDD, more multimedia functionality, etc... ESPECIALLY if they want to make a profit ASAP on hardware.

If the console drop 2019 - 2020 range then 8 - 10 TFLOPS seem most likely to me.

I'm not too sure about the NX. IMO it's either a high end handheld (well high end based on Nintendo's standards), a console on par with XBO / PS4, or a console just above the PS4 in performance. Nintendo is struggling selling a $300 console, it would die selling a $400 - $500 console with Sony and MS dropping their price down to the $299 range.

I see it as a handheld with specs on par with a low-end 2015 Smartphone (Quad Core mobile CPU, Adreno 330 GPU 100+ GFLOPS, 2GB RAM) at $199 and can run any game from NES - GB up to Wii - 3DS (basically a Nintendo Galaxy S5).

If it's a console to compete with XBO and PS4, hopefully they go with a similar architecture in both cases.

On the low end, a Kaveri APU would be best. It's very inexpensive and has enough performance to get any PS4 / XBO port and run about 700 - 800 GFLOPS, and launch at the same price as a Wii U currently is or cheaper. The next step up is to use a modified R7 350 or R7 360. It should have performance on par with the XBO (350) or PS4 (360) and TDP much lower (which is what Nintendo aims for).

At the high end the best they can offer is performance equivalent to the R9 280x (or R9 370 / 380 for lower TDP). It's a reasonable price and with a powerful enough GPU to run any PS4 games at full 1080p, high / ultra settings, and in most cases 60fps. Couple that with a CPU like the FX 6300 and the NX would be a nice step up from the PS4, and with a decent launch date a good console for the nest 5+ years or at least until the PS5 and XB4 launches.

RocketScienceLvlStuf1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

I'm with you Nature. Micrsoft haven't got the backbone to stick with there idea's which is why the xbone is just an inferior ps4. Who wants that?

They have just looked at everything Sony have done with the PS4 and tried to make it the same since it's launch. You have to lead to be successful which is why the xbone is currently bombing.

It's 50 dollars cheaper than the PS4 with 2 free games in it's strongest market yet if you look on best sellers right now. PS4 is at number 5 (been in top 10 all year) and the xbone is all the way down at number 58. Thats very bad.

If you can't even compete with the competition with a cheaper product then whats the point? If Microsoft do decide to carry on with consoles they need to release a quality product for once.

DanZeeMan1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

"Looked at everything the ps4 has done and made it the same"

Like them once a month updates?????

Sony don't pay your wages, so take that tongue out of ones bum

christocolus1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )


ignore this guy. He trolls every xbox article. Nothing new here.don't waste your time feeding him anymore than you already have.


Sorry that's not criticism. somewhere in comment you tried making some valid points but then you deviated and basically started trolling.

RocketScienceLvlStuf1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

I think you have me confused with someone else christocolus. Although I know you are one of the most delusional xbone defenders on this site.

You can't take any critisism against the xbone which is why you don't like my comment.

Everything in my comment is a fact.

Professor_K1180d ago

hes the most rational xbox defender unlike rabid ass trolols like your self. Its worse to get out of your way to troll than to put up a decent arguement.

Kiwi661180d ago

Funny how you say that MS copy Sony yet fail to mention that Sony also copies ideas from others when it comes to consoles

CorndogBurglar1180d ago

No, everything in your comment is not fact.

I agree with some of it, like MS not sricking to their ideas.

However, it is hardly "bombing".

I dont understand how people have that delusion when it has sold millions of consoles in one year. Any business in the world would be thrilled to sell millions of whatever their product is.

Before you even say it, no, i dont own an xbox one. I have a PS4. I'm just realistic. Lol.....millions of consoles sold yet its "bombing"..... lol

blackout1179d ago

The funny thing is all you Sony punk think that your 8gigs is a original thought, no 4gb was If microsoft plans didn't get leaked your punk as ps4 would be our bithch, that's real. Talk about followers. How is the power in 20 fps on bloodborne. Also 9.7 for a game that's been done 3 time before talk about pay for a review. Power my a$$.

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Macdaddy711180d ago

Well one thing you can bet your Butt on!!!!! if MS did release a new console in 2018, Sony would be releasing one also,.. Sony fans can disagree with me all you want to. But we know for a fact if either Sony or MS release a new system in 2018/2019 the other would be right there with them!!
Think bout how MS got the upper hand on Sony with the 360 over the PS3, MS released the reg Xbox alone the side of ps2, then just a few years later after Sony said the ps2 would be a 10 yr system, MS jump out with the 360 n Sony was cought with there pants down n came the PS3 that didn't make gamers you never know what MS has plans of doing!!! Sony just better be ready or there pants will be down again...

stuna11180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

Serious question!? Exactly how were Sony caught with their pants down during the PS2 era? As history had it written; Sony sold the most consoles ever, had the longest selling console in history, had a almost full monopoly of 1st, 2nd and 3rd party developers.

On top of all that Microsoft releases as I would say a halfway decent first console with some pretty stellar games! Halo comes to mind, but as far as trying to come into a generation that was basically already owned by Sony!? Microsoft had no chance of unseating Sony's dominance.

Which is probably one of other reasons why the original Xbox was dropped so quickly by Microsoft. To make matters worse the original Xbox only sold like 25 million in like 5 years. When it went, so did practically all its support! Which truthfully I felt was unfair and dogmatic toward the people who invested into it.

Sure Microsoft got the jump with the introduction of the Xbox 360, but it also brought some nasty practices along with it! Namely paying to play online, buying exclusives, that nasty parity crap, as well as other things.So in all honesty, I think the only ones caught with their pants down have been the gamer! Who want nothing more than to enjoy one of their favorite past-times, but now it comes at a added and most times unnecessary extrra cost.

snoopgg1180d ago

Microsoft jump on the 360 was short lived, as RRod put a nail in their coffin! Sony ps3 had the high price tag, but had free online, a blue ray player, and a better system in the end. Remember what happened to Hddvd?

NuggetsOfGod1180d ago

Dx12 will make xbox one perform like a 2020 high end pc.

So no.

Jyndal1180d ago

DX12 will grant some improvements, but it's not going to boost the X1 past the PS4 in terms of graphic capabilities. High end PC?

Psh...that's just ignorance.

lsujester1180d ago

That's some misterxmedia level crazy right there, I love it.

Multiplatguy1180d ago

I remember the same nonsense being said about the PS3 the year it launched. That it might be the last.. Now look at how well the PS4 is doing. Those comments seem very stupid now.

The Xbox One is doing really well for itself, it's selling more and faster than the 360 did. And the 360 didn't have a stigma to get rid of, it was cheap and had no competition for a year.

Erik73571180d ago

Dont know why you get so many disagree's...what your saying is very possible.
The fact that Microsoft announced the streaming of xbox to pc is already a sign its going away from console to a service.
Not only that the CEO of Microsoft wants Microsoft's focus on software not hardware.

They barely make any money off Xbox....spend huge amounts and get little to no gains almost( loosing actually with xbox one)
But yet their Xbox live service is very lucrative and makes a lot more money. I can easily see them moving it over to pc. Would really challenge steam and create much needed competition, Origin is a joke lol.
Would love to see a party system on xbox live on pc,would be way better than the shitty group chats on steam.

Khajiit861180d ago

I dont want the X1, but there is a ton there, and a ton planned. Its good for gaming bro whether you like the box or not.

Ill be really upset if MS started to only focus on PC gaming.

BigKev451179d ago

What the hell are you talking about? Nature of Logic has no logic.

TheXgamerLive1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

@Nature of hahaha so called logic, your an idiot and just a sony butt hurt fanboy to make such an asinine statement.

It's by far the best console on the market in terms of features and exclusives to millions of us.

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crazychris41241180d ago

Next consoles should be for 4k gaming which means dont hold your breath cuz they aint coming for a while. 4k is in its infancy in the PC, TV and monitor department. Its expensive and there arent that many options to choose from at the moment. In 5 years 4k will be mainstream which is when they should release the new consoles. The last gen was one of the longest with its 10 year cycle and we wont see that again. To give you an idea of what we saw in the previous generations. 4th gen (1987-1993), 5th gen (1993-2000) and 6th gen (2000-2006), you get the idea. By 2020 the 8th gen would be 7 years old and the new consoles will be coming soon after.

DanzoSAMA1180d ago

i think new consoles could be due around 2020-2022

Masterchief_thegoat1180d ago

i bet the next xbox is 2018-or 19

Moldiver1180d ago

Thats about the right time. unlike last gen, these consoles will show their limits much earlier, as PC accels into the DX era VR and 4K. Expect a console capable of those things at around $500 in 2018-2019.

Expect to see current consoles peak performance in two years tops. Those jaguar APUs dont exactly have future proof performance, And Im saying that has somebody that builds my own computers. Games will get more complex and these consoles will be pushed to their limits fast. Im playing and seeing things on my PC that I doubt either console could run without some massive performance hits. Next gen will come much sooner this console cycle.

kingbain901180d ago

If you mean a slim then yes but if you're talking about a new gen then hell no.

lelo2play1180d ago

How long do you want this gen to last?

A 5-6 years console life cycle is perfectly normal... so new consoles in 3-4 years is acceptable (2018-2019).

kingbain901180d ago

Nah, 7 should be the minimum imo