Bloodborne Co-op Gets Broken After Using Suspend Mode On PS4; Here’s How To Fix It

GearNuke: "Bloodborne co-op might be affected by PS4 2.50 firmware update as people are unable to summon anyone using Beckoning Bell, or play co-op after suspending and resuming the PS4."

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crazychris41241088d ago

Same thing happens in GTA 5 on the Xbox One. You either have to do a hard shutdown or restart the game. Its why I always just do a hard shutdown. Very nice feature to have for both consoles. Comes in handy when you are in the middle of a single player mission but have to run out to do something.

Aloy-Boyfriend1088d ago (Edited 1088d ago )

The feature just launched. Games already released before that could have some problems. Now, games that came after the feature will be better optimized with it and be more consistent.

deadpoolio3161088d ago

Well what exactly do people expect when a game has a heavy always online MP type of component...Of course something like a suspend and resume is going to wig out the game...

KwietStorm1088d ago

Games releasing yesterday or tomorrow don't get optimized individually for system features. It's Sony's libraries or kernel that runs everything. A system being set in a suspended state has everything to do with allocated memory on the system itself.

wsoutlaw871088d ago

It is a bloodborne issue because of the fact you you are suspending a game in an online state and it has a problem reconnecting when you resume. Im sure it will be updated

KwietStorm1088d ago


That's true, but it's not really a Bloodborne issue, as it's not the only game that reacts this way if you suspend *while online.* The games are not designed to reconnect in the same way they would if you just were to lose connection to the server. I wasn't previously saying it's a problem, per se, with suspend/resume, but it's not necessarily something that would be "fixed" either.

kraenk121088d ago

I thought this feature understandably isn't compatible with online features anyway?!

jronj1088d ago

I wondered what happened to all my insight, didn't realize you lose it when you ring bell...

Shazz1088d ago

Was wondering why bell was greyed out when I had 3 insight.

Summons751088d ago

Probably the reason I spent 2 hours waiting for a summon with no luck.

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