Can One Game Sell A System?

"Others will wait for a system library to pile up, and console pricing to plummet. KJ is unsure if he can last years without playing the hottest titles." -Play Legit

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Crazyglues1156d ago

Of course, and especially when that game is something like Uncharted 4 / The Last of Us...

Rimeskeem1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

Or Halo/Gears of War

I firmly believe that there are systems sellers

FinalFantasyFanatic1156d ago

Yes, If I remember right, the original Xbox didn't get popular until Halo came out, in turn that probably attracted more console purchases and Dev interest in the system. Pretty much every console has their system sellers that push those sales.

Kingthrash3601155d ago

I rEmber when mario kart came out for wiiu ...had wiiu selling like hot cakes...After it died down so did wiiu sales....proof is right there.
New ip are great but not system sellers..even the good ones.. Imo it's the mario/uncharted/halos of the world that sell consoles (to name a few...zelda, gow, gears, metroid, and infamous, also) all first party games btw...All system sellers.

sonarus1155d ago

Its hard for most people to justify purchasing a system for one game. But there is that rear game we all hold dear that most of us would do almost anything to play. For some its Halo/gears of war. Though in my opinion the gears series was already stale as fu** by gears 3.

For me its MGS. If that game was only out on a virtual boy i would find one and buy it. A new god of war might do it as well.

TheRedButterfly1155d ago

Halo (and Gears, but mostly Halo) has been the main reason for people to buy an Xbox since November 2001.

It's the reason I got one, the reason I keep getting them, and the reason I will continue to get them. I can get (almost) everything else on other platforms, but I can only get Halo on Xbox. Would I get them elsewhere? Probably not - I enjoy having everything in one single spot (and I've grown attached to my Gamerscore), but I know I have options when it comes to where to get Batman Arkham Knight and The Witcher 3.

MrSec841155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

I can't agree, in order to be a system seller that one game would have to be enough to entice people into buying that platform, but with Halo the system already had the install base and Halo just caused a reasonable spike, but then a week later the hardware sales fell back down.

Usually you'll find that other games increased their numbers when a supposed system seller releases too, probably because Halo or whatever was the last game they were waiting for before they would get into that platform, but they didn't just want Halo, they wanted a bunch of games.

A library of content has way more weight than a single supposedly big game.
Halo definitely sells very well, but it's usually because the audience for that game already owns an Xbox.

Me personally I waited to get a 360 until a decent deal was available, I wanted to play Halo, but it wasn't the only game I wanted, Gears, Forza, Fable, Project Gotham and the bundle and pricing factors were important to selling me on the system as well.
Multiplats running the best and friends having that system were important things too me as well.

PS3 had a bunch of games I wanted like Resistance, Motorstorm, eventually GT, Ratchet & Clank, Uncharted and others.

This has been the case with me and I think most gamers look at buying a games system as an investment, they don't just shell out hundreds of pounds or whatever currency to buy one game.

MMOBytes1155d ago

it is unfortunate that sony does not have a competitive multiplayer exclusive system seller. "still"

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Crazyglues1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

@ rimeskeem

Yes indeed, on both systems there are games that indeed sell the system..

Didn't mean to imply that it's just on PS4..

Rimeskeem1156d ago

It's ok, didn't mean to attack you or anything. Sorry if it came off like that

Highlife1155d ago

What is this respectful talk? This is the internet right. If only this was common. Bubs for both.

Letthewookiewin1155d ago

What! Kindness, unacceptable fight to the death holding your system of choice!

Aloy-Boyfriend1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

Naughty Dog themselves are a system seller. Anything they do sells. Notice how each game gains more sales than the previos ones. U3 sold over 5 milli and TLOU sold 7 milli the last time I've heard of it. U4 will definitely reach a milestone and sell some more PS4s with the right marketing.

Naughty Dog has the spotlight now in the gaming world thanks to the overwhelming success of TLOU.

Drake as of now is the PlayStation mascot just like Zelda is for Nintendo and Masterchief for Xbox. Mascots are the true system sellers. Others can also be sellers. I'm eager to know how Bloodborne has impacted PS4's sales

PsBoxGamer1156d ago

MARIO is Nintendos Mascot bro.

Aloy-Boyfriend1156d ago

Yeah but I think zelda sells more. Mario didn't sell much Wii us. Zelda on the other hand would do much better

InTheLab1155d ago

Dude Zelda on its best day can't touch Mario's sales. We're talking 3 to 5 million versus 5 to 10 on any of their consoles...

themonado1155d ago

Wait, what...? As far as I know, Zelda has never outsold Mario.

otherZinc1155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )


No, Naughty Dog isn't "the spotlight of the gaming world", please.

If Naughty Dog were the "spotlight", Amy Henning, top programmers, directors, and employees wouldn't have been laid-off. That's why Uncharted 4 is being delayed to 2016, they're understaffed.

344 Industries, on the other hand, is bolstering it's studio. 5 Halo Novels, Halo Movies, Halo Comics, Halo Encyclopedia, New Halo Action Figures, AND: *Halo 5 complete with Campaign,
Campaign Co-op, Forge, Multiplayer, Etc...
In 1080p 60fps with Windows 10 &
DirectX 12; All releasing 2015!

That's what happens when you're considered the "center of the gaming universe".

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jonboi241156d ago

I bought a Gamecube for Smash and a PS for FF7.

Ninver1155d ago

I got a PS for Speed Freaks. Ah silly memories.

Macdaddy711156d ago

And here goes asking dumb stuff again, if one game would not sell systems they would not make first party games!!!! Why even ask that.....find some Real gaming news and write a good thread,.. Dang enough with this,..

bacrec11156d ago

I don't know about that. Is there a definitive PC game out there?

ZombieKiller1156d ago

Gears of War sold an xbox 360 to me.

God of War

When it was exclusive to PS, Devil May Cry and Metal Gear Solid for the Playstation. Now it's a whole bunch of "system sellers" for me.

Hell, the reason I KEEP buying the consoles is the exclusives. Not to mention the PC guys only getting GTA V now. I don't know where I would be without GTA in my life lol!

joab7771156d ago

The beauty is that it doesn't have to.

tmh35931155d ago

yes and if DS 2 wasnt coming out in a week id go buy a ps4 for bloodbourne right now, im so petroleum jelly ps4 has it exclusively

jcnba281155d ago

Didn't you mean Mario kart Wii?

Over 35 million copies sold.

I don't think any Sony or Microsoft game has even come close to that number.

1155d ago
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HammadTheBeast1156d ago

Bloodborne. Halo 5. Legend of Zelda. Overwatch.

All of these are games which can sell systems. So, the answer to that question is yes.

JsonHenry1156d ago

Yes. I had bought a launch day PS4, but it broke. So I've been without a PS4 for about 6 months now. Watched one Twitch stream of Bloodbourne and went out and bought a new finally after putting it off for too long.

Rimeskeem1156d ago

you didn't have a year warranty?

JsonHenry1155d ago

I DID have a warranty. But I opened mine up the first day I bought it to look inside of it and voided the warranty long before it broke.

I'm a PC "elitist". And one of our quirks is checking out the hardware under the hood. Warranty be damned.

OUROSMAG1156d ago

Bloodborne is already moving units, a few of my friends bought one because of Bloodborne, and look at sales in japan.

RAM0N 1156d ago

Of course i bought a ps4 because of bloodborne

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