Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo Review – Diet Dungeon Robots - The Koalition

Does this pocket Diablo-style giant robot game give PS Vita owners more for their money? Find out in the full review.

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Romudeth1207d ago

Seemed like a cool premise.

Venomousfatman1207d ago

It is, the execution however is not that great. so many things could have been done MUCH better. Had that been the case, we would've had a big hit on PS Vita. Instead we got a FAIL dud.

Godmars2901207d ago

So, can I complain that such a game doesn't exist on a mainline console as a Diablo-like clone, or that I don't have a few million and understanding enough of UE4 to make said game myself?

Venomousfatman1207d ago

I wish such a game existed so I can play it. Would be great if a publisher could have a good game like that released.

rbailey1207d ago

Well I guess Vita owners can at least be happy they have another game to play now instead of nothing at all lol

Venomousfatman1207d ago

There's still plenty to play on Vita. This game just happens to be a dud that most Vita owners should avoid. There's much better titles in the ecosystem.