Why Bloodborne makes the PS4 worth buying for those who were previously holding out

An explanation as to why Bloodborne makes the PS4 worth buying for those who were previously holding out on the system.

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Timesplitter141029d ago (Edited 1029d ago )

It's a shame bloodborne costs 450$ though. I'd much rather play it on PC at 60fps than having to buy a PS4 (aka BloodBorne machine) only for this.

I still don't think I'd make that purchase. I'll get a PS4 only if there are at least 4-5 great exclusive games that I can realistically spend a lot of time on. Or if The Last Guardian is officially announced. Then I would have no choice.

Out of curiosity, can someone give me a list of the big upcoming exclusives for PS4? I haven't followed this much for the past year

Bolts1029d ago

This is a From Software game, and if anything they are know for making multiplats version of the same game. The draw to milk money from the same engine is too hard for them to resist.

Prepare to die, again, in Darkborne.

Timesplitter141029d ago (Edited 1029d ago )

I highly doubt it's going anywhere other than PS4. Sony owns the IP, unlike Dark Souls which was owned by Namco.

It would be much more profitable for Sony to use Bloodborne as a system seller than to sell it on PC

T9001029d ago


While chances for a PC version look slim, i would agree there isnt much else reason to buy a PS4 specially if you have a good PC. I think the PS4 still needs time before it can get exclusives that can make it shine which until now its lacking.

Not a bad idea at all until the platform gets at least 4-5 great games that are exclusive to it.

mikeslemonade1029d ago

This is PS4's "Zelda". People don't see it that way because they're not familiar with the newer IP. But it's one of the few games that should justify the console all by itself. The game is lengthy. I'm suprised the game did not get delayed even further.

joab7771029d ago

What are you talking about? Demon Souls was an exclusive. Dark Souls wasnt. Bloodborne is. DS2 wasn't made by the same team, but they did make it for all 3, damn them. How dare they!

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Two-Face1029d ago

I feel you man. I share the same thought.

Big upcoming exclusives for PS4? Uncharted 4 and Persona 5. But I don't care for neither of them. Maybe if From Software makes another PS4 exclusive and we see Ni No Kuni 2, then I will buy PS4 for sure.

But right now, only one game interest me, and that is Bloodborne.

cpayne931029d ago

Persona 5 will also be on ps3, which I am very hyped for. Uncharted is gonna be great, but it isn't coming until 2016.

joab7771029d ago

If you have a great PC, then yeah, maybe wait, unless you love playing brilliant games when they release. It won't go anywhere else but PS4.

But, if you are looking to go next gen and don't have a gaming PC, this is a great reason to buy one. Because you also get a ton of other great multiplats on a system that has proven to be a good machine. I have a PC and a PS4...perfect combo for now.

DougLord1029d ago (Edited 1029d ago )

I understand where you are coming from as BB is the 1st exclusive I really want to play and my Xone is fine for multiplats. However, I am sure there is more coming and ISS, The Order and other disappointing AAA exclusives will eventually be $20 or less. I am going to get one once my in laws leave and I have my 110" at back. Too bad they don't have a slim or a 1TB option out yet. I have less then half of my Xone games currently loaded because 500 GB is too small.

Khajiit861028d ago

And there it is.... The dumbest comment I will see today.

ManAnimalX1029d ago (Edited 1029d ago )


I agree with you 1000%, if that's the logic that Bloodborne is worth buying a Next Gen system for then your talking about $450 vs $60.

Console gamers have very few choices, its get screwed or find a new hobby almost, unless you game on PC.

There isn't 1 GAME that's come out for Xb1 or PS4 that is worth shelling out for, not even 1. 1 AAA every 8-9months is not gonna cut it.

You console gamers have to lie to yourselves so u dont have to think about how badly your getting taken advangtage of.

remixx1161028d ago

Ummmmmmm.......what? I would like to discuss your ideals of us console gamers but I fear that whatever may come out of your mouth will kill more of my braincells, but paying 400$ for a console that will be getting great games constantly isnt really getting screwed. You were probably one of the guys begging for a bloodborne port.

Please don't reply to me PC elitists as I fear I may have a stroke if I read another one of your comments.

Exari1028d ago

can you please give me a name of the exclusive that will make me want to switch to pc?

"You console gamers have to lie to yourselves so u dont have to think about how badly your getting taken advangtage of."

yeah, we cried (and still crying) over the fact that bloodborne is exclusive. We lost our minds when gtav got delayed... oh wait, thats pc gamers who did that, my bad

Khajiit861028d ago (Edited 1028d ago )

I game on PS4 and PC. Love my 970.

Exclusives are not the only thing that are on consoles... You do know this. Do you not?

How is that wait for GTAV, Star Citizen, Petition for Bloodborne, petition for Red Dead, petition for Forza Horizon 2, etc.. going?

Those console games you missed... I feel bad for you if you truly are a "gamer"

GamingTruth1028d ago

the pc version would be 60fps, and minus all the cgish looking ps4 effects and graphics

Khajiit861028d ago

"would be"

Currently you get a disc read error though.

Bdub20001022d ago

That's an interesting story you just sent... Hey, if that's what you believe then who am I to try to change your opinion? If you think the games always look better on ps4, and Sony has the only graphics you like to look at, then have fun. But don't be so blind to think that ganes don't look great on other platforms, because they do. And remember, the PS4 is literally a computer packaged with a sony emblem, so by bashing PC you are bashing the architecture of your PS4. And the amazing Japanese engineers put an American made graphics card in it... Just saying.

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mayberry1029d ago

WOW! Bloodborne is sooo good! I cant remember the lat time i've been this challenged, but also have been having an absolute blast playing a game! This is a definite "must have" title!

Timesplitter141029d ago

That comment makes you sound like a bad salesman trying to prove something that doesn't even need to be proven in the first place

mayberry1029d ago

@ts Just commenting on the article. I also feel its a justifiable reason to buy a ps4, so I stated some of my reasons to such. Hence why forums exist. sorry I annoyed you with my coresponding comment...

Snookies121029d ago (Edited 1029d ago )

Chill man, he's just excited about the game... -_-

Just got Bloodborne today, so I'm pretty excited to give it a go. Played some at a friend's house and it was quite fun.

Rimeskeem1029d ago (Edited 1029d ago )

I would explain to you what your comment makes you sound like, but I would lose bubbles.

Anyways, chill out bro some people are just excited to play the game

SpinalRemains1381028d ago

No. It sounds like the rest of the ppl playing Bloodborne.

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joab7771029d ago

It's the best game I have played in awhile...period! That said, 2015 looks pretty damn good.

krypt19831028d ago

you must suck because i never beat demon souls almost broke my controller because it was so hard due to the clunky obtuse controls, then dark souls 1&2 came out and i played them, lets just say i got farther in 2 then i did 1, now im about to plat bloodborne the game is super easy imho compared to the other games.

crazychris41241029d ago

We wants the MGS 5 PS4 custom bundle to come to the west, we needs it

Seriously if Sony is going to sell special edition bundles then bring it to the west as well. They would sell like hotcakes just look out how fast the 20th anniversary edition sold out and how much they were going for on ebay.

N81029d ago

I'm actually stacking games now to have enough stuff to trade in or sell for that mgs ps4 bundle. They better bring it here.

Shazz1029d ago

this game is friggin amazing! finally beat cleric beast and old man gascoigne and after dying like 20 times the feeling after it was that of sheer joy in my chest and stomach lol. epic

SpinalRemains1381028d ago (Edited 1028d ago )

Dude that's the best feeling!

Check this out. Last night I was fighting a hard boss and I was out of vials and low on HP and right before I died I got a "someone rated your message 'fine', my health went up and I kicked his ass!

That right there was definitely the most insane, exhilarating moment I have ever had in 35 years of gaming. Honestly. You couldn't have scripted the timing any better. It was one in a million.

Tapani1029d ago

Because it's so goooooood!!!

mayberry1029d ago

Dont tell timesplitter how you feel about the game, ts might think you are trying to sell it to other forum guests. maybe say "its soooo fun, but needs work" try to hide your enthusiasm somewhat...k?..../s

Tapani1029d ago

lol I see what he did up there. Ironically, I've been a sales guy for years. Somehow I can never sell the concept of Dark Souls or Bloodborne to my big brother, who likes western rpgs more :(

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