GTA V PC vs PS4 Graphics Comparison(New)

Yesterday as Grand Theft Auto V's last trump card to the PC platform exclusive new screenshots have been released. And old-generation associated with each presented visually, has become a new-generation graphical comparison of pieces. We compiled by gtaforums the PC and PS4 graphics benchmark results we show to us again the power of the PC to. Speaking of going into more detail, without further ado let's give you 3 PCI and PS4 graphics comparison;

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Genuine-User1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

The biggest difference I see between the two is vegetation and AA.

T9001153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

@Genuine- User

The images are too small to tell much difference, i am sure 1080p or 4k shots will show much greater differences.

On topic

TBH i dont care how much better the PC version looks, since of course it will look better. The more powerful the PC the more distance between the PC and console version, the more time goes on and mods get released PC version will further distance it self from console.

What matters to me is the ability to mod the game and that its a permanent collection. I mean you see people now asking for remakes of GTA 3 on consoles, seriously how many times are we supposed to rebuy games on console just to get BC.

I could as of today play any of the GTAs ever released on PC with no issues to me thats a huge deal.

r1sh121153d ago

Its very true.
I have absolutely hated having to rebuy halo on xbox one.
I do love many games, and the PC is my primary gaming platform, so 95% of games are on PC.
I played kotor not too long ago, just applied so patch mods made by the community which improved graphics and ran without a problem in 1080p.
[With the extended bits too]

Genuine-User1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

I have seen the 4k shots on gamersyde. They look fantastic -

As far as mods go, I couldn't care any less for them, So I'm not really the right person to have a say in this matter.

I could as of today play any of my old games on my old consoles. But I would rather have all the software playable on a single platform like a gaming PC.

T9001153d ago

@Genuine user

"I could as of today play any of my old games on my old consoles. But I would rather have all my games on a single platform like a PC."

True i would like all my games in one place. However consider there are issues with console BC:

1. TV tech advances- in the PS2 era we had SD TVs. PS3 era many people bought 720p TVs. Problem is when you hook up a PS2 to a 1080p TV all you see are Jaggies. Same could probably be said for hooking up a PS3 to maybe a 4k TV. With PC as long as you have the graphics power which for older games should be easy you can easily up the resolution to the new native resolution.

2. Hooking up the old console- Well whoever has a old console plugged in once the new one is out, not many people i know. Hence not only is it a hassle to get the old console out, even the multiplayer community dies once people unplug their consoles or the console maker drops support. No such issue with PC, latest PC will just play the old games.

3. Console dies- As they have become more powerful they also generate more heat and tend to die much quicker. Hence the need to rebuy them when they fail to maintain the old BC.

Hence i dont see console BC as a feasibility just too much hassle and just not worth the effort or quality.

Genuine-User1153d ago

I pretty much agree with all three of your points.

kingPoS1153d ago

I'm really glad I kept my 34inch samsung 720p crt.
All those pre HD games still look great on it. It's heavy as heck though. lol

Gateway MT6706 2008

AliTheSnake11153d ago

More like PS4 vs High-end PC

Dee_911153d ago

Anybody giving away high end gaming pc's? :(
I want this so bad.. not because of the graphics but the mods!

ShinMaster1153d ago

A couple of these were cherry=picked.

Anyone that's played GTAV on PS4 knows that it's far from the ghost town this comparison tries to make it seem.

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Erik73571153d ago

There are a ton of more details and more stuff happening. The vegetation, I agree, is drastically better mainly because of the draw distance for them on pc. But what impressive with the most was that there were a lot more NPC's in the pc version. Like in the first image there's furniture and people on deck of the building that aren't even in the ps4/xbox one version. Lighting is also better

Genuine-User1153d ago

Those pictures are not an accurate representation of the NPC count on PS4. check out this video -

As far as the lighting goes, it's the same across PC and current gen consoles.

NuggetsOfGod1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

Ps4 looks like a ghost town lol

Seems ps4 can't handle a world full of tables, dramatic lighting and people.

Also the option for 60fps is awsome.

Can't wait to see gta5 ice mod!

Free online is also another difference.

Best version indeed.

System req - i5 3470/8gb ram/gtx 660 260 vram.

Can't say I am disappointed. The devs who ported this also ported max Payne.

Off topic:full killing floor 2 match upload on YouTube today!

Genuine-User1153d ago

1. The PS4 version is far from a ghost town -

2. PS4 can handle all three of those things.

3. That I can agree with.

4. Clutching at straws now

5. Depends on your PC build.

Khajiit861153d ago

Soo you havent played the PS4 version? Keep on moving troll.

Pixelart1153d ago

PS4 looks hardcore ghost town. Next gen console my a$$.

TKCMuzzer1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

It's all very well shouting out how great the PC version is but come on, it's over 18 months since the game released and months after the PS4 version. What's the point of bragging about being the best when millions have already played and completed it.
If they had released the PC version at the same time as the PS3/360 version then fair enough but they have had 18 months to improve for newer more advanced graphics cards.

Here's the kicker, it's still GTA 5 no matter what you play it on and many have been doing so for a long time.

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Syntax-Error1153d ago

I'm not blind and I saw a HUGE difference. If you just saw a difference in vegetation then you're delusional. The PC version is amazing. I just want to see what GTA VI looks like since Rockstar says it knows how to optimize the system now.

CerebralAssassin1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

Amazing is an overstatement. The word amazing is thrown around too often. There's nothing "amazing" about this comparison.

Edit: I acknowledge a difference in graphical quality with of being superior. But that doesn't mean it's amazing.

ScamperCamper1153d ago

I think the "issue" that I have is I don't have a 4K monitor. If you've seen the game specs, or at least suggested PC specs: http://www.grandtheftautofo... then it's pretty clear that Rockstar made adjustments so that everyone won't need to upgrade their PC to see eye candy. If you have a 4K monitor and IF it's really worth it, then perhaps you can convince me of upgrading my monitor. One game = reason to buy new monitor? Wow this game better be wicked!

tee_bag2421153d ago

How about that crowd of bustling people, or lack there of on PS4? That's the first thing I noticed. I'd like to see a video of this game running 60fps in all it's glory. Screenshots tell only half the story.

Genuine-User1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

The picture with that bustling crowd is taken near Vinewood Boulevard, here's the exact same place on the PS4 version -

Lost Santos Night Life PS4-

Traffic density PS4 -

Rainstorm811153d ago

That vinewood pic was definitely cherry picked , the PC version was Vinewoods Night life the PS4 version looked like moments before dawn of course its a ghost town have any of you played GTA5.

Some comparison

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Bolts1153d ago

I will be running this at 2K. Because resolution matters.

Septic1153d ago

Lucky you mate :)

I wanna see the mods for this.

bloop1153d ago

I'd love to see AC:U numbers of pedestrians in GTA V. That was my only let down with the current gen release. I was really expecting the streets of Los Santos to be teeming with pedestrians. What's worse is looking at the likes of AC:U, you know the PS4/X1 is more than capable of doing that but it's like they held it back. I've been out of pc gaming now for a long long time now but I can't wait to see what modders do with GTA V. Maybe it might persuade me to put a beastly rig together again.

higgins781153d ago

Give me a break with this shit! Playing GTAV on PS4, the resolution is sound - you could not be dissatisfied. The main and most important reason I am choosing PC as the definitive version...60fps! This could potentially be a game changer for GTAV, the resolution differences wont affect the core gameplay nearly as much.

T9001153d ago

Sorry but many of us have moved on to higher resolutions. I currently game at 1440p, might make the jump to 4k in few years when we have 120hz 4k monitors out.

You might not see a jump if you consider 1080p to be the limit, which to me as the gen goes on will be lowest limit for PC gaming.

The_Kills1153d ago

All this resolution talk with no mention of screen size. Good luck with 120 hz 4k with vsync. I'm running a 1080p with down clocking to 120hz on my 27 inch monitor and with a gtx 980 some games won't run flawless maxed out at 60+ frames.

So this whole talk of resolution you got going is nonsense because any real typical desktop distance your eyes are away from your monitor, 1080p should be a sweet spot for years to come. Forget about that 144hz 4k pipe dream you have for a couple of years. Even running quad SLI, the driver and simply game coding these days sucks enough to where you can forget about what you were hoping for.

1153d ago
kingPoS1153d ago

4k is great, I've heard it enough times. But... is the screen you're using large enough to make good use of all that resolution? Please tell me your not gaming from a 27inch monitor, but instead using something like this... Whats the point of having gobs of resolution, only to constrain it with a realitivly small screen?

The couch is much much more comfortable than the chair.imo

Gateway MT6706 2008

jmc88881153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

4k 120 won't be that long. They already have 60 for far less than a grand.

My $299 4k/30 can do 1080p/136 and 1440/80, and we're talking a dirt cheap 4k Seiki 39".

My 970 works pretty darn well, and showcases that the 1070 or 1170 should start approaching it. It also depends on what settings. Knock down the AA and don't have it at Ultra will help alot.

But there are going to be some MAJOR advances in GPU technology coming up.

Stacked RAM is going to massively increase memory bandwidth 1-2 TB/S.

You also forget we're still at 28nm node and it's likely going to 16/14nm FinFET, which is basically skipping a node.

DDR4, new 14nm CPU's with 8 cores and beyond, and quite a bit more tech like the interlink between GPU and CPU. Things have been stagnant for awhile, that's going to change.

Throw in DX12 with Windows 10 and of course more ROPS, more TMU's, more everything else it's definitely going to be that way pretty soon.

4k/120 at ultra will be hard, but you also forget 4k isn't the top of the line.

We already have 5k, and 8k is right around the corner... not to mention those that was to eyefinity these 4k/5k/8k monitors/tv's. So GPU makers aren't looking at 4k as the top of the heap. It's going to be mainstream soon enough.

In fact the main reason why 4k/120 isn't possible right now isn't the screens themselves, it's the carrying format that is behind...i.e. HDMI 2.0 and the interlinks. The screens can basically do it if the tech to deliver it was there.

Around 2018 it's going to be a great time to build a new PC.

higgins781153d ago

Exactly. I didn't say resolution changes aren't noticeable - for the minority. Double the resolution of course is going to show signs of 'improvement'. I simply pointed out (in my opinion) the jump from 30fps to 60fps will be the real difference for GTAV.

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ScamperCamper1153d ago

I think the reason for choosing the PC version is simply that you can go above and beyond in terms of "eye candy" if your rig can pull it off. Like a race car, it can go beyond what the console version can. It's reality, but it's going to be expensive, if you know what I mean...

higgins781153d ago

Thats the million dollar question, isn't it? IF your 'rig' can pull it off. Personally I think mine will struggle. Very mid-range/modest PC. I think I'm better suited to sticking with the PS4 version. Yes, only 30fps, but - from analysis - fairly steady.

TABSF1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

Its better in every way!

Draw distance
Level of detail on distance objects
Vehicle density
Pedestrian density
Graphics overall

Then resolution, AF & AA

BecauseImBatman1153d ago

You say that as if it should be a surprise... I mean PC is always gonna be better in every definitive way because it doesn't have a hardware limit which quite frankly makes it ridiculous to compare the two (PC vs Console) so why even bother. It's not like the console versions are ugly, they've been pretty great too but yes of course the PC version is always gonna outshine it because of the hardware available.
I'll be picking it up since I got my new 290X for the mods...

TKCMuzzer1153d ago

Nail on head. The game is launching way after the original version and months after current gen versions, they get to show it off on up to date tech using the most powerful machines in the industry and people keep going on about it as if it's unexpected.

Bodge1153d ago

AF and AA are my biggest gripes with the current versions of GTA V. These screens are sooo sharp compared to the vaseline smeared blur on the console versions.

Pixelart1153d ago

You forgot the most important thing. More than a crappy 30fps

TKCMuzzer1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )'s 18 months late........

So a list is not needed as it would be more shocking if it didn't look better.

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windblowsagain1153d ago

TABSF, you mean it has options for high quality graphics.

Which is a good thing for people running high end hardware.

It's just a shame most of you don't realize that PS4 maxed out only consumes 140watts.

TABSF1153d ago

Don't get me wrong for it power its not bad but PC is already a generation ahead!

I've got
i5 2500K at 4GHz
16GB 2133MHz RAM
GTX 980 at 1.4GHz/7GHz 4GB

I really can't wait now, I need the pre-load Steam!

kraenk121153d ago

Isn't it great that a 3,5 year old CPU is still mighty sufficient for all games these days?!

TKCMuzzer1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

It's interesting that people keep saying the PC is a generation ahead.

Here is a question, is the PC producing next gen games or next gen graphics?

I say this because many review sites downgrade PS4/XBONE games as they don't do anything 'next gen', just fancier graphics.

I think it just proves that new generations are about looks and performance and not reinventing the wheel, I wish someone would tell review sites this.

ShottyGibs1153d ago

Lol.. and a PS Vita uses even less wattage. What's your point?