Bloodborne secrets - Source Of The Dream silver achievement, Doll Clothes Armor Set

Secret sub-zone in Cathedral Ward/Healing Church Workshop area hides Bloodborne silver trophy called The Source Of The Dream. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get to the Abandoned Old Workshop, where to find the Doll Clothes Armor Set, One Third Of Umbilical Cord, Old Hunter Bone and Small Hair Ornament.

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krypt19831064d ago

The game is offically broken with the 1 million blood echoes in 5 mins glitch so sad hopefully they patch it soon..

SpinalRemains1381064d ago

The storage locker duplicate glich?

Just don't use it. Doesn't make the game broken.

averagejoe261064d ago

Exactly. A game is not broken because you choose to take part in a completely avoidable glitch.

A game is broken when it's unable to be played how it was intended.

Ron_Danger1064d ago

It's only broken if you chose to ruin it for yourself. I learned my lesson in Dark Souls with the dragon helmet glitch and I'm never doing that again in a "Souls" game.

Masterchief_thegoat1064d ago

I probably do this on my second play through, gotta prove myself, i can beat the game without this. i beat cleric beast on my third or fourth try and Father Gascoigne my third try love this game

robtion1064d ago

Just got slaughtered by the blood-starved beast on my first try. It was fine until it got to about a third health and it went beserk. Great monster design though, suitably horrific.

Time to try again.

nucky641064d ago

yea - he's a pain. I died 10-12 times against him. I kept trying to run (when he goes crazy) and set him up...didn't work. just remember - when he does go can't run, circle him in the open area and dodge...when he misses, go after him.

robtion1064d ago (Edited 1064d ago )

Got him on my second try. Used the flamesprayer and fire paper on the cane/whip. Also got the help from the NPC hunter at the bottom of the stairs.

Summons751064d ago

Yeah, I don't know how many times I died to him but when I did beat him it was a duel knock out and I died as my trophy screen will forever be "You died" lol.