How Much Will Project Morpheus Cost?

Given that the PS4 itself is priced at $399, it'd be interesting to see how Sony prices an expensive technology like VR headsets.

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masterfox1211d ago

$150 bucks, mark my word!!

HaveAsandwich1211d ago

$199, packed with no mans sky.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1211d ago


$249 bundled with a PS4 camera and a game.

WelkinCole1211d ago

199 will be a good price.

Number-Nine1211d ago

200 is still very expensive for an accessory. I mean I don't see this kind of tech being cheap so I get that it will be fairly pricey.

Dir_en_grey1211d ago

This is more than just an accessory though, it's basically a monitor.
They haven't said anything yet but I really hope the old 3D movies will be supported on this.
$200 would be a steal if this supports 3D movies.
Should really be at $300 for how amazing this would be (if everything is as promised), but I think they'll lower it to $250. At $200 it would really fly off the shelves IMO.

Melankolis1211d ago


While you are right saying this is a monitor, commoners may not thinking the same thing.

It's up to Sony how they market it, an acc? a monitor? or something else?. The marketing can't make a mistake here.

Ron_Danger1211d ago

That sounds about right. I've been thinking for a while that $199-&299 (bundle or not) would be a realistic number. I already have the camera, 2 move controllers, and a nav controller so I'm not looking for any bundles. I'd love another sports champions game with Morpheus. Had so much fun playing those games with my fiancée but if it came to Morpheus, it would limit multiplayer.

SoapShoes1211d ago

PS4 is $399 now but I doubt it'll be that way at the end of the year. I'm expecting it to drop to $299. As for morpheus, hopefully $199 at most. I'd consider it at that price.

DougLord1211d ago

To be successful it can't be more then $150 and even then I think this gen of consoles can handle VR. Rumors of a 395x2 with over 15 Gflops and people are saying that will be the 1st card capable of AAA VR. PS4 struggles to hit 1080p @ 60fps. VR needs AT LEAST 1080p to each eye at 120fps. And you can still see a screen door at 1080p. Better to go for 4k. 60fps @ 4k needs a Titan X or 295x2.

Ron_Danger1211d ago

You post a lot of facts yet you completely ignore what Sony has listed as the current stats for Morpheus.

But then again, how can I forget that you admitted to not having a ps4 back when the Order launched and have time and again trolled Sony articles.

Do us all a favor and just go back to MrX's blog and pretend like Augmented Reality is a brand new concept.

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The story is too old to be commented.