Will the NX Be Another ‘Nintendo’ Console ?

You probably raised an eyebrow when you read that title just now. “What on earth does he mean by ‘another Nintendo console’? It’s made by Nintendo! Of course it’s a Nintendo console!” Is my assumption of the thought that just ran through your head in any way accurate? I would hope so. With that said, what exactly do I mean when I say “another ‘Nintendo’ console?”

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LaWiiG1177d ago

I think they will end up simply creating a platform for software development, still having developers play by their rules for 1st party character games.

mikeslemonade1177d ago

Joint venture between the Microsoft and Nintendo. And it's gonna be a handheld that can act as a console when you place it on a dock at home.

LackTrue4K1177d ago

I'm fearing that all "next gen" systems will be stream only.

"I 4uckin hope not tho!"

Summons751177d ago

Well considering they already said it was...yes.

deadpoolio3161177d ago

Yes but some delusional Nintendo cult members swear its a handheld even though they just released the "NEW" 3DS....Completely ignoring that the Wii U is a failure at this point and Nintendo wants to get away from it...

Fully expect the unveil at E3 this year and next year the announcement of the NOV 2016 release for the console with the cancelled Zelda game from the Wii U being a launch title for the new console

Becuzisaid1177d ago

Come on, E3 is too soon. We haven't even gotten a confusing controller reveal conference yet. :/

More seriously, I'm betting they'll ditch vague, confusing names this go around. No more Wii branding. The Nintendo brand will be dominant in the name.

The 10th Rider1177d ago

Well, the DSi launched in April 2009 and the 3DS launched in March of 2011. The New 3DS launched in February of 2015 so if they announce the NX at E3 2016 and release it Spring 2017 it'd be right on target. But some delusional trolling cult members don't like to admit that.

That being said, I don't think it's unrealistic for it to be a home console. I expect a portable to launch first, though, so unless it's a hybrid (possible) or they're launching both at the same time (unlikely) then I'm expecting a portable...with a home console console launching winter 2018.

themonado1177d ago

Dude, they're not revealing it this year! I don't know why you keep putting that in your comments. They specifically said they will give more details next year. Please do some research.

DC7771176d ago

Well as in this article, this is not the first time Nintendo has done this

ChickenOfTheCaveMan1176d ago

I agree with everything but the E3 thing. That wouldn't make sense for games like Splatoon, Xenoblade, etc.. to say "hey, we're killing the console you're gonna buy those games for".

Wii U is already a dead console. Why would anyone think NX is replacing the handheld while it's doing great. If you're thinking Wii U isn't dead, wow, 2.5 years on the market, 3 holiday sales boost equal less than 10 million units.

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ABBAJESUS1177d ago

2016 reveal and 2017 release. Nintendo can cause big trouble for microsoft and sony if they decide to make powerful console wich i hope.

ChickenOfTheCaveMan1176d ago

2017 would make them slow as hell to rectify an issue and that would hurt the brand, they have shareholders that loved that Wii money but hate the Wii U money.

2016 gives them time to prepare softwares AKA Zelda and more for a big launch and relaunch of their home console possibilities.

Lennoxb631177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

Maybe Nintendo can get away with an online only console. MS tried it but people seem to believe MS is the evilest company ever. So based on how much people claim they looove Nintendo, they could actually get away with it.

Spotie1177d ago

Not everybody loves Nintendo. And given their current console's sales, there's not nearly enough people to make that stupidity a reality.

It doesn't have that much to do with Microsoft being "evil" and more to do with an online console being retarded. Or have all the issues in the past year gone right over your head?

Lennoxb631177d ago

No. I'm quite aware of the issues of the past year. But I'm also aware of the dependence on internet connectivity. Without the internet a lot of your games would still be buggy messes. Without it your UI's would still be slow. No improvements whatsoever. You couldn't even play your game if you didn't verify your console through the internet first. I'm not saying we should go online only. I'm just saying since people consider Nintendo gods and should never be talked down upon, they could get away with it.

N0TaB0T1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

I'm thinking it'll be similar to the Vita TV or Game Stick, maybe a combination of the two.

You'll have a 'Controller' which has a 6'' display, same layout to the Wii U Tablet Controller, and a compartment for a Game Stick-Like device. Just my two cents. That is if the Fusion rumors hold any water.

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