Bloodborne: All Right and Left Hand Weapon Stats and Ranking at Level +10

GearNuke: "A detailed look at all the right and left hand weapon stats at Level +10 thanks to the duplication glitch."

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WizzroSupreme1150d ago

This game is the bomb, or so I hear. Totally the best RPG the PS4 could ever have all to itself.

ninsigma1150d ago

It's incredible. I didn't know I'd enjoy it this much! It's challenging but do-able and the gameplay is really fun! The level design is really clever as well. Only problem imo is the framerates but other thab that it's all good!

ThunderPulse1150d ago

My blades of mercy are +10.

nucky641150d ago

for me, ludwigs sword FTW!!....i'll be trying those blades, though.

ThunderPulse1150d ago

I can't even equip that weapon cause all my points are in skill and endurance lol

nucky641150d ago

skill/endurance are a good combo to load up on. I did the same - also, built my health and strength up pretty good too. this first play-through, I'm using ludwigs sword and the rifle-spear...both have useful applications but I'm using the sword 60% of the time.
I'm a big demons/dark soul fan (kingsfield too!) but I'm REALLY digging the aggressive nature of the combat in this game

ChipChipperson1150d ago

The Saw Spear has not failed me yet. It's helped me get through the Nightmare Frontier, Cainhurst, the Upper Cathedral Ward, and several dungeon chalices.