PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne: You Can Play in Shuhei Yoshida’s Own Chalice Dungeons; Screenshots Inside

Are you a fan of SCE Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida's positive attitude and smiling approach? Let's see if you find his Chalice Dungeons in Bloodborne as pleasant.

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Insomnia_841088d ago

Is his PSN ID gameape2001?? got both of them dungeons!

Abriael1087d ago

That's his JP account AFAIK.

Exari1087d ago

the amount of blood echoes you had tho.. 111k? kinda suspicious

BiggCMan1087d ago

111k is not even remotely suspicious haha. If you survive in the late areas for about 30 minutes to an hour, you would accumulate about that much or even more. Especially if you beat 1 boss and still didn't go spend them.

Now another guy in an article posted yesterday about all the weapons being upgraded, he had like 3 million. That is obviously suspicious. I've heard there are echo duplication glitches so he used them clearly.

That's fine though, let those kind of people do what they want, we're not to stop them.

Palitera1085d ago

Level 30 and 100k here.

I'm not leveling to play with a busy friend. It came kind of naturally.

Genova841087d ago

Off topic Question: Can someone please explain what the number of messengers on the chalice dungeon selection screen means? The 1 i created has 1, but I found 1 that had 5. They're both depth of 1 for the pythemburia or however it's spelled.

BiggCMan1087d ago

I thought it was depth actually, so if it's not, then I would like to know this too! It might have something to do with that "addtional rite" option? Lots to learn yet, I love when a new Souls game comes out and we're all clueless about so many of the secrets and details! Lots of my friends have come to me for help though since I've been with the games since the very beginning with Demon's Souls in 2009. I feel right at home again, feeling confused about certain things, finding them out later on. Jolly cooperation!