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The last hardcore, isometric CRPG I played was Baldur’s Gate, the original game, and I have a mixed affection for that game because while I loved it a lot, I never finished it thanks to a corrupted fifth disc. I tell the story often of how I snapped that disc in anger, thereby pretty much preventing me from ever finishing that game (Sorry, Keri, but LOL – Ed. Vader). That wasn’t the catalyst, but it was around that time that I moved away from PC gaming toward consoles. I haven’t played an isometric CRPG since that time, but there was something about Pillars of Eternity that beckoned me to play it. Yes, I’ll have to relearn the real-time turn-based combat mechanics, yes I’ll have to get comfortable with PC gaming yet again, and yes I’ll most likely get super frustrated while playing and want to rage quit. All of these absolutely came true during my time with Pillars of Eternity and I loved each and every second of it, even the rage-inducing moments of frustration.

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