Here Are 10 of Our Top E3 2015 Predictions

With E3 2015 being only three months away and rumors already starting to fly around, here are our top 10 predictions for this year’s E3 expo.

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maniacmayhem1206d ago

Fallout 4! This, Starfox and Battletoads is all I am looking for in this year's E3.

AngelicIceDiamond1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

I feel like this E3 is allot like 2013. Despite knowing the consoles would get revealed, gamewise was a mystery. And we didn't know what was coming.

Sadly, the DRM stuff got in the way of the actual games. Then when the media finally got to the games, turns out the line up was pretty underwhelming for launch titles (Like most launch titles start out on new consoles.)

Last year E3 was great. They focused on the games and content and it was a well grounded E3 though we largely knew what to expect and pretty predictable E3 but a very good one overall.

2015 is allot like 2013. Now we know what will get shown off. Halo, God Of War, Gears Of War, Star Wars, COD, The Division Fall Out 4 (hopefully) etc. but new Ips is a mystery.

I'm hoping for some great new Ip's from both Sony and MS and third party its hard to say, which is great thing means they're keeping them close to thier chests.

Heres hoping E3 2015 brings a surprise, factor or megaton type of announcements.

itBourne1206d ago

PLEASE PLEASE no Last of Us 2... stop asking for sequels people. If anything Last of Us, but from different people in a different place. Amazing game, one of the best ever, end it there. Leave the ending open to interpretation.

My biggest wish by far, DARK CLOUD 3. Level 5 is supposed to announce a ps4 game correct? Another Ni No Kuni would not be hated on by me though either.

DarkOcelet1206d ago

Even though i want Fallout 4 so much

I think Stalker 2 would take the cake if its announced at E3.

comebackkid98911206d ago

Was psyched to find out my pc could run it with minimum hiccups. I'm Ukrainian and found Metro to be a let down, where does Stalker stand in comparison?

DarkOcelet1206d ago

I am just annoyed they keep using that epic Stalker picture in Fallout 4.

And Comparison between Stalker and Fallout is that they are both in post apocalyptic settings. With similarities here and there. Although Stalker feels much more realistic and way harder and better if you ask me.

While Metro 2033 was a little letdown. Metro Last Light was actually incredible.

xPaYDaYx1206d ago

This list is hilarious, I hope you're joking.

poppinslops1206d ago

Yeah, I'm all for optimism, but this is a wishlist.
The Last of Us 2, Red Dead 3, Titanfall 2, CoD WaW2... Seriously?

Forza 6 and GT7 are reasonable predictions... MAYBE we'll get a look at Fallout 4, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

ArnoDorian1206d ago

Couple things
1. TLOU 2... Keep dreaming
2. AC Victory at E3 2015
shouldnt really be considered
as a prediction

BC_Master_Haze1206d ago

Yeah the TLOU:R team is working on that Si-Fi game, while the main team does Uncharted 4, it'll be a while before theres any possibility of R

mattn3xus1206d ago

This list is stupid
Red Dead Redemption 2 seriously
Did you forget Rockstar doesnt go to E3
The Last of US 2 -They didnt even release UC4 yet
GT7 - GT6 just came out about a year ago
WAW2 - Yeah right, your more likely to get B03 or MW4

The rest seems ok but AC:V and NFS are kinda obvious

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