inFamous First Light Flash Sale Now Live on PlayStation Store

GearNuke: "inFamous First Light is the standalone DLC prequel to inFamous: Second Son, and it is currently available in a Flash Sale on the PlayStation Store."

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5yb5n6u1209d ago

its 50% off, region 1 to save you a click (22 tracker found on ghostery, my new record).
and how many times does it need to happen? if its a digital store promotion, have the decency to put what region it belong to.

DarkLordMalik1209d ago

Flash sales only occur on NA PSN Store so unless you were expecting otherwise.

iTechHeads1209d ago

It was free on PS Plus a few months ago....

Adexus1209d ago

I'll get my time machine ready.

Griever1209d ago

Yeah, I already got it.

Crazyglues1209d ago

Yeah I was just thinking the same thing, how did people miss this..

Who is buying this now, when it was just free...:)

iTechHeads1209d ago

Yeah, my thoughts exactly. I have no idea why someone disagreed with me. I guess they're mad they missed? LMFAO

martinezjesus19931209d ago

People that didnt have a ps4 until recently? My friend recently bought one for Bloodborne this past Tuesday

Tdmd1209d ago

People who didn't had plus a few months ago? I still don't.

CaptainSheep1209d ago

Patiently waiting for Aprils Plus content announcement

Eidolon1209d ago

$7.50 not bad.. it won't be free again, so if you missed it and you really want to play, now is a good time.

Tapani1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

ARGH, I can't decide should I buy this or not! Really wanna see the next-gen graphics and gameplay. I'm just too afraid to buy it, cuz it might be free on Japanese PS+ next month (which I subscribe), as it was on other PS+ regions. I wonder if Sony NA would refund me in that case..?

EDIT: Oh it was already on JPN PS+, but I could not get it because the discount, while being cheap at 300yen or something, required a Japanese credit card and phone number... So maybe this is worth buying now!

OB1Biker1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

Im just back to Infamous SS that my kid wanted to play mess about with powers.. I forgot how good it looks and it makes me smile when people pretend PS4 didnt have a true new gen game worthwhile.
The only thing I find a bit of a let down is the story and storytelling which I like better in first light.

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