Bloodborne's Best Starting Armor Location Revealed

There's a new video showing you where to find the best armour early in the game, which makes Bloodborne's first two boss fights significantly easier.

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RocketScienceLvlStuf1085d ago

I found this armor after I had already bought the same type from hunters dream. The armor in the sewer had lower stats though which is different to what this video is saying

psforward1085d ago

Same here, loving this game so far.

Perjoss1085d ago

Me too, I've played for hours and still not even seen the first boss, I truly suck but I'm still having tons of fun as I'm improving and learning all the time. I can clear all the way to the first 2 warewolves now without taking any damage but that brick guy + 3 crows is a problem i need to solve.

Arkardo1084d ago


That Guy is easy, let him see you and follow you so the crows will not bother, wait for him to attack and just before he lands the attack on you fire your weapon, he will stay kneeled you get closer and do a visceral attack, he will die immediately.

Scatpants1085d ago

Some of the stats like physical defense are higher some stats are lower. I just kept the yarnam armor from the dream.

UKmilitia1085d ago

one thing that is really annoying me in thsi game is the pace he walks,there should be a run button imo .
also sometimes he runs faster than others,not sure if titsa bug.

PS4isKing_821085d ago

Press circle while walking to run.

It helps to read the notes on the floor at the beginning of the game. Lots of useful hints.

Battlefieldlover1084d ago

Don't feel bad, I'm just learning it now too. Online was "offline" when i started so i didn't see the "Player notes". Sure would have been nice if there was a simple tutorial... Ohh I also stumbled across the "jump" If you hold circle while moving forward then tap circle again you will jump.

The7Reaper1084d ago

There already is a run button lol hold circle while walking

fenome1084d ago


It's not technically a tutorial, but if you run around in the Hunter's Dream and read all the messengers messages they'll tell you how to do a bunch of stuff

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kratoz12091085d ago

Awesome game so far.
Just got captured by some guy with a net bag

martinezjesus19931085d ago

They are, too me, the most difficult enemies in the game so far, ofcourse I'm barely at the forbidden forest.

Arkardo1084d ago (Edited 1084d ago )

Jesus I can't kill the machine gun Hunter on top of that building in old Yharnam he killed me 5 times already and i'll tell you I killed Cleric Beast on second try and Father Gascoigne at first try, this moth******* is worst than a Boss? HAhahahahaha I'm having a blast with this game.

On topic: I found this armor after killing the first 2 bosses exploring patiently taking my time.

TWB1084d ago

I died to him once. The second time I climbed up there... ready for epic showdown... Im on the roof and he hits me with a shot. I roll around him and try to slash him but he dodges the attack... and then backs off the ledge and dies from the drop :D

FITgamer1085d ago

I found this armor by accident around 20 minutes into the game wandering where i had no business being. Died right after i picked it up.

Letthewookiewin1085d ago

At least you got to pick it up, I got harpooned by the freak with the spear like three times, and that was after making it through the werewolfs and slaughtering a grip of rats. Had a nervous smile on my face the whole time!

Summons751085d ago

I found it by accident too, not because I didn't know where to go but I had gotten to the bridge and decided to explore.

SMcNu7151085d ago

Good god, the guy in this video made me cringe.

OT: Armor sets that early in the game don't really make that much of a difference. What you should be focusing on is staggering enemies with your gun. The blunderbuss is actually very good at staggering enemies throughout the entire game for easy visceral attacks. Also very good for staggering smaller bosses like Gascoigne.

WildArmed1085d ago

Pretty much, you'll get majority of your def from levels. Armor barely does anything, well anything from protecting you getting killed anyway.

UKmilitia1085d ago

timing that stagger shot is something i struggle with.

TwoForce1085d ago

This game is way better than Dark souls. It's tough, fact pace and rewarding.

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