Square Enix Wants Your Thoughts On The Final Fantasy XV Demo

A lot of RPG fans have already played the long awaited Final Fantasy XV demo. Square Enix now wants your thoughts on it.

Square Enix has now opened up a survey so you can tell them exactly how you felt about while playing the Final Fantasy XV demo. Before you can do the survey, you have to register your copy of Final Fantasy Type-O HD first. You also need to have a Square Enix account too. After that, you can then take the survey.

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con4g231211d ago

my only concerns are:
-have a shortcut for skills like for KH1 and KH2
-set AI settings of your party members
-use warp even not in combat
-tweak the jump gravity

WeAreLegion1211d ago

Totally agree. I'd also like to swim.

NoctisPendragon1211d ago

Swiming is also confirmed for the final game.
I'd like him to clim .

Superduper091211d ago

Has the director said that you can swim in the game?. Does anyone have a source?. I am hoping for water type creatures in the Duscae region like the alligator monster shown in the wildlife of wonder video.

Lord_Sloth1211d ago

I'd rather the weapons vary instead of just being equipped to specific attacks types throughout the combo.

kingdomtriggers1211d ago

Gambits are confirmed for the full game.

Jihaad_cpt1211d ago

I recommended a second screen function for the PS Vita and PS4 release to use with the battle system in the survey

FACTUAL evidence1211d ago

I just want FF16 to get started in production. I LITTERALLY waited 10 years for this, and not that interested anymore. I'm sort if upset how it turned out IMO, but that doesn't mean it won't be a good game for others. Just waiting on a good turned based FF game with amazing an amazing story rivaling 7, with fantastic characters. So far the only thing i see with XV is graphics.

Adrian_v011210d ago

You waited 10 years but only now you're not interested cause you want a turn based FF, even though you knew it won't be turn based 10 years ago?

Kumomeme1210d ago

there was speculation nomura might be somewhat related with sequel or something related to ffvii(might be not games)...thats one of reason square push him on kh3 instead so his schedule will free afterward

another speculation crystal dynamic might producing ffxvi, with setting based on agni philosopy ...square never push aside idea of west studio developing final fantasy and they had ask feedback about the agni's world idea backthen in survey


what importantly finish ffxv first and if the title turn out suprassed ffvii..then we might had greenlight for having ffvii remakes

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A2X_1211d ago

How do we get the demo from the store (canada)? Is it restricted to some countries? Can't find it.

no_more_heroes1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

This demo is limited to those who bought the Day One Edition of FF Type-0. It's not one you can download from the store freely on either platform.

A2X_1210d ago

That's too bad. Thanks for the info!

ThatOneRiggaNob1211d ago

Is it only me who thinks the combat just falls apart when you get more than 6 enemies in 1 fight or do I just suck?

NoctisPendragon1211d ago

You need the 4 Phantom sword or you need to be more strategic .

Try using Tempest to repulse goblins .

Do L1+O then Square (Zweidhers as the counter weapon) for soldiers , it breaks them apart in 1 hit .

For Garulas you can use trhust + Phantom Sword , extremly effective .

For the SaberTust you can kill them like you want.

Hope it was usefull , train with Galdio in a camp-site if you really don't know and don't forget to get the 4 Phantom Sword.
And the L1+O then Square combo is really awsome.

Jubez1871211d ago

Oh it's not just you. The combat is very unorganized/clunky/messy right now.

HiddenMission1210d ago

It's not clunky or messy I've played, beaten and platinumed Devil May Cry games, GoW games, MGR:Revengeance and Ninja Gaiden games so I know great combat.

The combat mechanics are some and require fast paced strategy I would place it between a Souls game and DmC but with a much larger amount of character movement fluidity.

The large open spaces and huge amount of character animations allows for a ton of flexibility if you don't try the square button auto.

Tons of depth but sadly most gamers never try to learn all the mechanics before commenting...

Zero1091211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

Don't Use MP for Everything
I'd rather the dodging, parrying and teleporting be its own bar. The techniques (Y button) and warp strikes should be another bar. Teleporting in itself takes up about 15%-20% of the MP bar!

Warping To Safety or Outside of Battle
Running everywhere takes entirely too long (of course the car will fix some of that but not when completely off road and going around the landscape). We should be able to Warp greater distances when not in battle (of course using MP so there's a downside). A little bit more variety for where we can warp (like trees or high rocks for instance).

Camera/Lock on
I think this is self explanatory for everyone who played the demo. Not only is lock on a hassle but it's frustrating trying to switch enemies mid combat. Clicking the RS should auto go to the nearest enemy or something. When a locked on enemy moves to far to the left/right, the camera fails to keep up and constantly pushes on the could zoom out a lil or something. Allow a 1st person viewing mode and the ability to zoom in/out.

Map/Item Usage
Hopefully, they'll allow us make our own/multiple waypoints and also zoom in/out of the map. Allow us to use multiple items between chars at once. So we don't have to keep going back to the item screen. Ex: 3 people are injured, I should be able to select/use 3 potions at the menu so I don't have to go back to it 3x for the same thing or a different item (someone is poisoned, so I can select potion while I'm there as well).

Let us more buy/sell more than one item at a time (like every other rpg...for ex: the "Tales Of" series). And use the triggers/bumpers to go from max/min to we don't have scroll all the way over (bumpers for 10 intervals and triggers for max/min).

Ground/Aerial Combat
Notcis falls down too fast to do an aerial attack (not sure if an aerial combo is possible in the Full Game). And sometimes it's impossible to do an aerial attack at all since you can't really chain it to the standard combo.

I feel they should add "directional/delayed attacks" (like the "Tales Of" series or DmC). Still keep the changing swords as you fight but press forward/back on the stick and the attack button to do a lunging attack (depending on weapon in use) and do a launching attack (knocking them into the air). Still keeps the one button system, yet adds combo diversity for advanced players. Note *The Dragoon Jump should follow the enemy..that's the only attack I rarely use when fighting moderate to fast enemies.*

Make It A Little Easier To Catch Enemies Who Run Away
Maybe it's just me but it took forever to kill that horse enemy by the wetlands. Warping takes too much MP and he just kept running (the dogs were a lot easier). I finally killed him when he ran into a rock and got stuck.

vishmarx1211d ago

1) its confirmed that magic uses something else, but yeah, its more of a stamina bar rnow.also theres co op attacks(not co op parries) that use some resource as well
2)it was present in an old build from september, maybe itll be there in the final build
3)agreed, takes way too long to lock on
4)minor things im sure theyll make it into the final game
5)same as above
6)the demo has 1 aerial combo, sort of a reverse mini omnislash,while in armiger lock on and press x.also im not sure how its done but sometimes noct does a ground stab instead of a regular aerial attack.directional attacks are there for the sword , youll notice if you set it as the opening weapon, maye theyll add more in the final build

i would to add though.
they should nerf down the skills and reduce their mp cost.that way youre not attacking all the time and armiger doesnt become stupidly op.normally youd do 3 tempests out of a full mp bar but with armiger you can do 10 at the same time.

KryptoniteTail1211d ago

My thoughts are, "Why is this really fun game called Final Fantasy?"

NoctisPendragon1211d ago

Why not ? I am sure FF VII or FF VIII on ps4 would have been something like that.

KryptoniteTail1211d ago

Good to know, Nostradamus. What you're effectively saying is you don't like turn-based and think it is a genre only because of limitations. You're free to your opinions and preferences and even if you're right that turn-based only came about due to restrictions, the fact remains it is popular and is a genre.

This game is good but so was Resident Evil 6. It just wasn't Resident Evil and this isn't Final Fantasy. People mistake that for criticism of the game but it's not. That's why RE4, 5, & 6 have haters but honestly they're good.

My issue is Final Fantasy used to be a certain way and it had spin-offs for different genres and such. Now? The spin-offs are like classics were (Final Fantasy: 4 Heroes) and the main series is like spin-offs were (FF7 Cerberus).

If you don't see how backward SE is now you just don't want to.

Again, great game and awesome bonus demo to an awesome game. I just wanted to point those facts out.

360ICE1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

"My issue is Final Fantasy used to be a certain way and it had spin-offs for different genres and such. Now? The spin-offs are like classics were (Final Fantasy: 4 Heroes) and the main series is like spin-offs were (FF7 Cerberus)."

Oh, no! They've effectively turned the world upside down!

Final Fantasy has changed a lot. At any given moment in the franchise you could have said things like "Active Time Battle isn't FF", "Crystals are supposed to be an essential part of the story!", "Recorded dialogue isn't FF!", "Sphere grid instead of level-up system isn't FF!".

But like James Bond or any franchise that doesn't adhere to a single, coherent narrative, the definitions are going to keep expanding as technology and the real world moves on.

This is one of the more radical departures from what the franchise had done previously, but to be fair, it's not the first radical departure.

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