PlayStation 2 Classics That Needs To Be Remastered For PS4: Bully, GTA: San Andreas And More

The PlayStation 2 is without a shadow of doubt one of the greatest consoles ever. The console has sold beyond expectations and managed to stay in manufacturing for over a decade.

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Batnut001206d ago

I don't care if it's the scholarship edition or just the regular one, I WANT Bully to come to PS4, I want a Sequel, ANYTHING!

Dhampir1206d ago

A sequel is fine, but enough of the damn "remasters". Go buy it on steam if you want higher resolution. This just keeps making publishers go for easy money. If the trend keeps up, you're just going to kill the console industry.

1206d ago
Hoffmann1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

Someone remaster everything please so we won't have more articles about what needs to be remastered and get more articles about games that need sequels finally.

#Bubsy3D #RiseoftheRobots #Outlander

Blank1206d ago

My goodness rise of the robots! Played the PC version as lad back in the day! Hilarious comment by the way.

Hoffmann1206d ago

Thanks! Hope nobody, even the disagree guy took it serious. The last time I tried to make a sarcastic joke here I got a ton of disagrees as response and people wrote angry comments since they thought I was serious and I could not reply back because the only two comment bubbles.

It was an akward situation :-)

I will never forget Rise of the me nightmares till today..and Bubsy 3D was like being on drugs.

chrish19901206d ago

Just to save other folks of clicking through 15 pages of turd:
Dark cloud 1 and 2
Wild arms
fatal frame
Socom us navy seals
jack amd daxter 1-3
silent hill 2
Mgs 3
dragon quest
gta series

You are welcome

WeAreLegion1206d ago

Bully! I need Bully 2 right now.

Dubaman1206d ago

So, last-gen people were demanding new and fresh IP's. This Gen people are demanding games we've already played before. I never heard the word "remastered" in all my life as much as i have over the past 6 months.

Nykamari1206d ago

Some of those games I miss when they came.. Stupid preference I had back then. I don't mind those games being remastered.

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The story is too old to be commented.