Benchmark: DirectX 12 vs. Mantle & Dx11 on a G3258 CPU, 4790K, Titan X, & 290X

GamersNexus: "Consoles have long touted the phrase 'close to the metal' as a means to explain that game developers have fewer software-side obstacles between their application and the hardware. One of the largest obstacles and enablers faced by PC gaming has been DirectX, an API that enables wide-sweeping compatibility (and better backwards compatibility), but also throttles performance with its tremendous overhead."

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Bigpappy909d ago

It looks like if you have an ADM setup with more than 6 cores, Mantle win. 6 cores and under DX12 wins. DX12 seems to set 6 cores as the limit at this stage with the drivers available. That, coincidently, is the number of core M$ has made available for X1 development.

KingPin908d ago

i disagreed with you for being annoying and using the term ADM and not AMD as it should be. seen your comment history too, looks like you really think Advanced Micro Devices Inc. are ADM.

get it right...

NuggetsOfGod908d ago (Edited 908d ago )

Navidia ftw!

Bigpappy908d ago

@KingPin: dyslexia, its a struggle.

KarmaV12908d ago (Edited 908d ago )

He got "M$" right though, so it's OK!

KingPin908d ago


funny how you never mispelled any other words except for AMD.

better get that selective dyslexia checked out.

gz1987908d ago (Edited 908d ago )

Cant wait to see it tested on DX12 games. I really want to see FPS increases.

crazytechfanatic908d ago

Good article. Nice to see low-end CPU tested. I want to see low-end GPUs tested.