Witcher 3 to have toggle for Chromatic Aberration in PC version

CD Projekt RED dev/rep confirmed on their official forums that PC players can toggle CA on and off according their own liking.

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ravencry1065d ago

poor console gamers. They don't have a choice

NecotheSergal1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

Console gamers don't seem to be as whiny and self-entitled as the PC Elitist crowd, I'm quite sure they'll be able to handle one visual feature not having a toggle on the console variant. All console games have basically not had visual tweaks and toggles since the very beginning, (Except Brightness toggle, aw ye! lmao) this isn't new news here or uncommon.

You're just rubbing it in to their faces to stroke some petty ego of yours. Gotta say, that's pretty sad if that's the one way you get off and feel better about yourself. Lol

Vegamyster1065d ago

"Console gamers don't seem to be as whiny and self-entitled as the PC Elitist crowd"

All fanboys can quite whiny, the difference is the stuff they brag/complain about. Many of the top stories on this site have been PS4 vs Xone graphics comparisons full of bickering, just depends on where you go lol.

MicDude1065d ago

Wouldn't you rather have the choice than not?

NecotheSergal1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

@Vega - Yup, all fanboys can be whiny course. Well, the 'comparisons' especially are harmfully fuelled by social media and 'journalists' on sites that use those comparison articles to instigate those petty fights. It's like what happened with Gametrailers, they had Videos they made themselves that were hilarious, they compared the visuals and pros/cons of Resistance vs Gears of War. They basically promoted Versus/comparisons and all that but then they got tired of it and would ban people who'd make Comparison threads on the forum, at the same time they stopped making bad versus videos.

Then they continued years down the road and this is what happened:

Every 'journalist' are the same. This image paints the picture that they don't care, they didn't break their ruling of preventing chaos in the forum - but are fine with creating chaos within the communities if it means they get traffic or whatnot. Lol - but yeah, this has gone way off topic and into a rant now. The point was me just saying, it's not always 'fanboys fault' for comparisons, when gaming journalists and website provoke and shove it in everyones faces to try to keep it relative as a source of flamebaiting the communities to fight with eachother so they can observe it, and exploit their passions against them - basically.

@MicDude - I don't expect a choice really, because I've come to expect that's what comes with consoles. Which is why it's better to own majority platforms for the benefits they all give, PC for modification capabilities and consoles for their exclusives. Software pushes hardware. Always.

JsonHenry1065d ago

You sound pretty defensive. And I DO feel sorry for console gamers. There is NO REASON they can't add the option to toggle that on or off on the consoles. Especially since so many people hate the way chromatic aberration looks.

NuggetsOfGod1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

Stop ur slavery justification.

U pay MS/Sony to let u play on activision/EA servers.

Pc gaming means fight for your rights.
Pc gaming is very constitutional.
What's good for pc is good for America.

Consoles = china in a box.

Yeah u keep on not whining and i'll have xbl for free lol

Let ps4 get a 720p 60fps toggle for every game and you will see 1000 degree articles.

How can u hate choice?

NecotheSergal1064d ago

@Nuggets - People take you seriously?

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ThunderPulse1065d ago

WiiU owners don't have a choice either lol

Meltic1064d ago (Edited 1064d ago )

Why ? First of all the consoles is normally optimized good and PC not. Just look at dying light. Even the best PC couldnt reach 60 fps. Im not saying that CD PROJEKT RED will do the same thing but consoles is normally optimized better than PC. I love my high end PC but sometimes i prefer to buy a console game for stable fps and beacuse my kid loves the ps4.

blackmagic1064d ago (Edited 1064d ago )

Weird, because both techspot and gamespot benchmark the radeon 7850 at 34 and 37fps at max settings while ps4 only manages 30fps on high settings. The 7850 is two years older (obsolete now) and is less powerful than the ps4.

The fact that high end rigs aren't getting higher fps when such a slow gpu musters so much clearly shows that they are cpu bound, something dx12 will soon address but I have to ask, what excuse does the ps4 have if it is supposed to be so well "optomized" compared to pc but is outdone by a 7850?

Articuno761065d ago

Why the toggle? Is it particularly demanding to eliminate it? I can't see anyone opting to play with chromatic abberration after all. Who does that?

dcj05241065d ago

What's the purpose of that annoying ass effect anyway. It's mildly annoying in bloodbourne

Mega241065d ago

It's an option though, since when are options bad for everyone? better to have an option then to have non.

snoopgg1065d ago

If its an option that most people find annoying or don't care about then who will miss this option. It don't matter then does it. Who needs a useless option?

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