Is Bloodborne the next-gen Souls you've been waiting for?

Despite its frame-pacing issues and long load times, Bloodborne is still very much worth the rush of commotion it's receiving this week. The game sits high in the hierarchy of quality PS4 exclusives, its only real competition in the gameplay stakes coming via From Software's very own remaster of Dark Souls 2, due out next week. With a new enemy layout, improved lighting and 1080p60 gameplay, the remaster's bid for relevancy is strong, but does Scholar of the First Sin keep up on technical grounds, or does Sony's exclusive steal the show?

Similar to Dark Souls 2, Bloodborne lives up to its resolution promise. A close pixel count shows a true, native 1920x1080 title at work, and save for the pixel crawl on the game's fences and fur shaders, the results are often impressive. However, a heavy chromatic aberration effect is applied to Bloodborne: mimicking the qualities of a low quality lens, the effect applies a distortion to anything from the embers of a bonfire to the chrome flash on a wagon-wheel, and splits light into its constituent colours.

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Aloy-Boyfriend1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

Yes! Definitely it is better than I expected.

Gotta give Miyasaki a lot of credit for his new direction for this game. Making a non-passive and more forgiving yet hard Soul game has been very welcome by fans and myself.

This game is like Demon's Souls but on crack.

GMR_PR1205d ago

Drops to 16 fps during co-op is pretty bad. I noticed some drops but didn't know it was this bad. Hopefully the new patch take care of this.

Aloy-Boyfriend1205d ago

Mm I'm aware sometime it drops, not it never drops while battling bosses(Or at least I haven't noticed). I've only noticed some drops while passing through some places like the little bridge in Old Yharnam. It's nothing like Ac Unity at least in my experience. It's solid most of the times.

nucky641204d ago

that's news to me. some frame-rate drops when passing between areas but not during fighting.

Nitrowolf21204d ago

thats really my only downfall, it's worse with three people. Like these guys sid above though, oddly not suring bos fights just in areas

nucky641204d ago

I'm with you. I'm a huge demons souls fan and I wasn't sure about getting rid of shields....but I'm so pleased with this game - it's a blast! this aggressive style of combat is awesome.

miyazaki has done it again!!!

joab7771204d ago

I agree. In many ways, it is unbelievable. I'm still a little out on the lack of magic, and armor seems all to be about the same with no upgrading. Overall, it's fine b/c the game is so amazing in every other way.

I was thinking though. Do you think it's possible they may add magic or shield classes later? Just curious b/c it would add replayability but wouldn't be the easy way out at launch. Though, I'm thinking that shield and magic classes may not be as easy this time b/c of how much faster and aggressive enemies are.

nucky641204d ago

I'm dubious about adding magic - seems like too many people used magic in the dark souls games like a crutch. I think miyazaki has nailed the pacing of combat perfectly in the game. I sure hope they don't start changing the game by adding magic and shields - bloodborne has a distinct (and wonderful) personality and those additions would just turn it into another game.
also,I like the way they've sprinkled little bits of arcane abilities into bloodborne.

WCxAlchemist1205d ago

is BB the next gen souls game you been waiting for? Dark Souls 2 releases on Next Gen consoles next week LMAO sooo the answer is no LoL

sarshelyam1204d ago

See...the thing about Dark Souls is that there were fundamental changes that made it a distinctly different experience than Demon's Souls. So while, yes, Dark Souls 2...the coming to PS4 & XBO in a couple weeks, neither DS/DS2 were what many of us experienced with Demon's Souls. Bloodborne is the true spiritual successor to Demon's Souls in nearly every respect.

shloobmm31204d ago

I dont think it is. To mean it doesn't feel like any of the previous souls games and it is much faster paced which I actually enjoy. It's not as clunky.

Imalwaysright1204d ago

Except for the most important aspect of the Souls series: the combat but Bloodborne's intense atmosphere is definetely a throwback to Demon's Souls.

DemonSlayer4201204d ago

I'd describe Dark Souls 1 & 2 as medieval fantasy games. Demon's Souls I would describe as a medieval horror game. It's much more terrifying than Dark Souls(for example, the Black Phantom with the Meat Cleaver in the Poison Swamp. Just the sight of her barreling towards you is scary). Bloodborne is definitely influenced and inspired by Demon's Souls rather than Dark Souls which Miyazaki stated himself.

Number-Nine1204d ago

Dark souls 2 is soulless. Worst game out of the 4.

dolphin_supreme1204d ago

That's because Miyazaki wasn't working on it :) totally lacked his creative inspiration, connected lore, weird level design, and fantastic bosses. DS2 was incredibly easy. Magic was way over powered

dolphin_supreme1204d ago

@alchemist is having a field day with this. he "lmao" AND "lol". apparently the salt in his eyes is making it hard for him to see

Khajiit861204d ago

If there is a PS4 article... He will be there!

spanner1204d ago

Jealousy does funny things to people!! Ds2 is the naff one in the series. Bloodbourne laughs at ds2.

spanner1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Damn stupid phone

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Benjammin251204d ago

I know a lot of Dark Souls fans will probably disagree, but this is my favourite of the souls games. It's absolutely outstanding. I adore everything about it. The world, the monster design, the costume design, the weapons, the soundtrack and the combat. It's one of the greatest games I've ever played so far.

Der_Kommandant1204d ago

I'm a huge souls fan and I second that sir

shloobmm31204d ago

I wouldn't know. it's been too frustrating. When I die my bloodechoes completely disappear. When i run back to the spot I died they just simply aren't there anymore. It's now happened 3 times.

Becuzisaid1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Usually a nearby enemy takes them and you have to defeat them to get them back. Look for glowing eyes. They are the ones with your blood echoes. Also if you die again before recollecting they are gone for good. I'm sure you already know that but you didn't specify so I wasn't sure.

shloobmm31204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

I know. That's not the problem. Twice it has been at the first boss and one time it was the guy who is beating on the big wood gate in the beginning. i went back and killed him and never got them back and didn't see them anywhere. it's to the point where I have to get souls and then go back to the hub every 2 minutes so i don't die and lose it all. My brother who also has the game even came down and let my guy die to show me and he couldn't find them either. Ive played the hell out of the souls games all 3 of them and ive never had a problem like this.

SpinalRemains1381204d ago

If you cannot find them, simply quit to title screen, continue then go to the scholar building and they'll be on the floor. I discovered this accidentally and thought it was an error, but I have tested it and it is always there if you quit game then go to Library.

fenome1204d ago

I'm gonna have to try that out! Do they appear at the library in the Hunter's Dream or is there a different one? I just got to the Forbidden Forest last night and I ended up getting quite a ways into it and I died, if that works it'll really make it less of a chore if I die again before I can find the next lantern.

wsoutlaw871204d ago

check everyone in the area, their eyes will glow. Its not going to be exactly where you are. I have never had this problem

TWB1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

No, really, I have also experienced this a couple of times when I started and died alot, I agree with him (the OP) that there has to be something that may glitch the blood echoes sometimes. Now later on when I have progressed and die quite a lot less, I have pretty much never again seen it happen.

I also have to agree with him that the begining is very cruel and really put me of for the first couple of hours because all you could do is follow the one main street and try to get better at the game.

It wasnt until I found some shortcuts and gained insight for leveling purposes that I started to enjoy the game ALOT (now I have played around 18 hours and Im having a blast)

fenome1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )


Sometimes people in the general area of the person that killed you will have taken your blood echoes, just keep looking for those glowing eyes in the area where you died. I've noticed a few times that it's given my echoes to an enemy that's easier than the one that killed me, so that was cool because they were easier to get back.

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coolcal1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Honestly I don't understand why everyone is going crazy about this game!! This game has been a waste of 60 dollars. It's soo hard that it's not fun. and on top of that, why is everyone making excucses about the aweful load times. Listen, I really want to like this game, but you have to be honest and call it for what it is. Mediocre at best. Before I get labeled as a xbot fan boy. I have Both I repeat BOTH systems.If anyone wants a honest opinion about this game, it's not that great especially for the fun factor. you die ALOT and every time you die you have to wait with those bad load times that it truly breaks the momentum. I would rather just play something else until they hopefully fix those load times.
Some parts look amazing and other parts looks like it's been ported over from last gen. Please don't get me wrong it's a ok game, just not for me. I like to play games that are FUN!!

WeAreLegion1204d ago

I can accept that you don't like it, but you can't just say it's a bad game. I don't like Halo, but I understand why so many people love it.

coolcal1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Dude i didn't say it was a bad game! It has BAD LOAD TIMES..thats what makes it tough to like. If you die alot that means your going to spend a lot of time looking at a load screen enstead of playing the game. I my case Im seeing load screen more than gameplay. Then on top of that you have to pretty much start that hole level over again. Thats just a bad structure to have for any game these days. Sorry dude. as far as Halo your right but it's a solid FPS with no load times. Besides lets not compare apples to oranges"lol" don't be so defensive. Honestly, you Like those load times???

insomnium21204d ago

Best way to prevent sitting through those loadtimes is to not die. I can see why it would be a pain if you die all the time. This game is not that hard. You need to take your time and not run and have enemies swarm you.

I beat the cleric boss on my first try and the other hunter boss at that graveyardish place on my third try. Not all that hard though challenging I give them that. This new faster and more aggressive playstyle is much better imo. I think going back to dark souls after playing this might feel boooooring! LOL.

I played almost 100 hours dark souls 1 but ds 2 was not that good. I found myself not knowing where to go all the time. After a while I think I lost interest. I now know where the next area is with bosses and everything but I just don't feel like playing it.

DS2 fealt almost cheap with bossfights where 4 effing bosses come after you simultaneously. 2 is bad enough but 4? That takes pure luck to get through and there's no way to grind for levels since the enemies dissapear so.....

WeAreLegion1204d ago

The load times aren't that bad. That's why it doesn't bother me.

Snookies121204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

"but you have to be honest and call it for what it is. Mediocre at best."

This is where I stopped reading. No, it's not mediocre. Don't act like it's not a great game just because you can't make progress. It's challenging, that's what sets it apart from other games. Sure it's not perfect, but it's damn sure a lot of fun when you triumph over areas you've been stuck at for a while.

Also, they've already addressed that they're looking into fixing the load times with the next update.

coolcal1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Dude, Im not trying to stop you from liking the game"gees" It's my opinion!! If it's fun for you "GREAT", but that doesn't mean it's fun for me. Im sure theirs plenty of people in the world that feels the way we BOTH feel. Without making excuses for bad game development choices you have to be honest and call it out for what it is instead of just ignoring it! IT HAS BAD LOAD TIMES!!!!!AND BAD SAVING MECHANICS, AND NO DIFFICULTY SETTINGS(with good graphics). it's 2015 and there is no excuse for any game today with game development budgets bigger than most movies to have these type of issues and because they slap pretty graphics on it were surposse to ignore everything else!! Sorry not me. But for you...Enjoy:)

quiddd1204d ago

The reason you don't like the game might be reasons it's being loved.

coolcal1204d ago

If everyone is driving their cars off a cliff, and I choose not to doesn't mean Im the crazy one"lol" Leaders always think for themselves. Should I not have a right to say my opinion in this form like everyone else. I spent the same amount of money you did for this game. Just because my opinion is not in line with yours means I loose my right to speak my mind?"really" OK. Last time I checked this was a Bloodborne forum. Oh, Oh, oh, I get it. Im suppose to be a fanboy that can't call out flaws on a game that could have been better. Well let me indulge you then...This game is AMAZING, IT's game of the year!! anybody thinks other wise is just down right "Stupid" "lol"
There you go, you guys happy now, even tho I lied to make you feel better."LMAO" .....people!!

meatnormous1204d ago

Some people on my friends list seen the reviews and me playing it. They asked if it was a great game they should buy. I told them straight up "YOU DIE A LOT".
Its not a game for everyone, no game is. I wish I could help a friend out easier like the game lets on that you can. Keep ringing the bell with password on and nothing, same level as him as well.

user816731204d ago

you are really missing if you let the difficulty put you down, this serie is about risk and rewards. It gets deeper as you progress, you have no idea how different this type of game is in design from others mainstream games. Prepare to be amazed if you dare..

wakeNbake1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

I was scared going into this game having never played a souls game before. Honestly though not only has it become my favorite game so far this gen, its also NOT THAT DIFFICULT. Just because you're garbage at the game doesnt mean it is garbage.

SpinalRemains1381204d ago

This game is the most fun I've had gaming in a long time.

Just rank up. Its not that hard. Its a challenge yes, but you have to walk that off and step your game up.

guyman1204d ago

"Before I get labeled as a xbot fan boy. I have Both I repeat BOTH systems"

That doesn't mean you're NOT a fanboy, i cannot believe people use this as a legitimate excuse to prove their objectivity towards exclusives on either platform. It's essentially "this game is sh*t but i have a both systems, so my opinion counts"

You KNEW before buying this game that it will be difficult and would require patience. It is not the fault of the game that you are terrible at it. Save your fanboy tears for a game worth trolling on. You look pathetic trying to bring down this masterpiece.

wsoutlaw871204d ago

the stuff you list as issues arent issues, they are the game. why are you ranting and complaining so much? why does not being good at this game make you so mad? Its a great game that you dont enjoy, fine, no need to whine. Also, i dont think you know what "" are for. Yes it has bad load times, that obvious, but that in no way makes it unplayable or a bad game.

psforward1204d ago

Not trying to be a dick but get better. You have to learn from your mistakes and level up. I haven't had a "cheap" death yet. It becomes more fun as you figure things out. Load times do suck but it's being patched as others have said. Hope you give it another chance as I and others are loving it.

Antifan1204d ago

Xbots are just too casual for this game bro. Stick Halo and CoD.

iiorestesii1204d ago

Somebody get this kid a high chair.

dolphin_supreme1204d ago

uh oh looks like bloodborne doesn't live up to coolcal's high standards of .4 second load times and easy game play. someone quick give him his warm blanket and call of duty game on his xbore!
try not to let the salty tears leave a tear stain on your cheeks, little boy.

"a lot"

Khajiit861204d ago

Fun? COD and Halo I guess. This games for grown ups pal, sorry.

g-nome1204d ago

..And some of us play for the challenge.

nucky641204d ago

if you die "a lot" it's due to either 2 things:
1. you aren't leveling up your character and fortifying your weapons.
2 or, you just aren't very good at this type of game.

I will grant you, that starting the game is brutal. but, I love that too! - great challenge.

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