Black Tusk Tweets Image of Gears of War 4 mocap suit

One of black tusk Developers has tweeted new Image of Gears of War 4 mocap suit "Last day of the shoot... One of the actors in a mocap suit!"

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Fro_xoxo1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )


Until E3.. first Gear 4 footage.

glad the project is coming along well.

christocolus1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

"Last day of the shoot... One of the actors in a mocap suit!'

What a tease. lol. It seems they are done with motion capture for the game then,that's some good progress. Nice. Cant wait to see Gears running on DX12/UE4. I'll probably go nuts when it's finally revealed at E3. This Halo5, Scalebound, Rares unannounced title and Tomb Raider are my most anticipated.

d_g1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

for me the most game got my hype in E3 2015 is Gears of War 4

Can’t wait to see some camping footage With Marcus and Dom

@lifeisgamesok for sure Quantum Break in my list

but Gears of War is number one *_*

lifeisgamesok1177d ago

Add Quantum Break and you have my most anticipated list :)

shloobmm31177d ago


The game would have to be some kind of prequel then since Dom died In GoW3.

christocolus1177d ago


Yup. Quantum break too.

shloobmm31177d ago

How can people disagree with the actual plot point of the game? Dom most definitely dies in Gears 3.

Jazz41081177d ago

Microsoft themselves said the first directx12 game on the one will be fable. So when that comes out vs gears I guess will be telling if gears is using DirectX12. I sure hope they are.

daBUSHwhaka1177d ago

Yep.Gonna be a great year.

Kingdomcome2471177d ago

Add Arkham Knight, UC4, Quantum Break, MGS V, and TW3, and you've got mine. :)

Naga1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

@ shloobmm3

Way to just drop a giant, series-ruining spoiler for one of the greatest franchises in Xbox history. I was actually in Afghanistan when Gears 3 came out, and so I hadn't gotten around to finishing the game. I had been really looking forward to finally playing through it here pretty soon.

But no. You just irrevocably tarnished my experience. Thank you so very much for that... I hope you get banned.

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NuggetsOfGod1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

With gears, tomb raider and scalebound xbox is in the lead for when it comes to choosing a console.

I want bloodbourne so bad but I would be buying ps4 for one game. Zelda looks good to.


To much money to spend...

What console will be next to my master race device? Right now xbox.

It's mainly gears trilogy + gears 4 I don't want to be without.

The fact that it's going back to it's roots makes it an easier choice.
Also I never played a halo game.
The new one with low aim assist seems pretty hardcore.
As a pc gamer It appeals to me.

joab7771177d ago

This is why I love gaming. Scale bound looks great to me. Also, I'm a fan of Halo.

But shortly after Bloodborne releases, this is shown, and we remember that we do have real choices.

It will be awhile before I get an xbone b/c I am happy w my PS4 and adore Bloodborne, but when I do, there will be a slew of games to play.

Dlacy13g1177d ago

I wish the N4G comment threads could all be like this? talking about the exclusive games for each platform in a civil, intelligent manner.

+Bub to both you @NuggetsOfGod and @joab777. We can have our preferences and be vocal about them but still appreciate other games and systems... the two are not mutually exclusive.

isa_scout1177d ago

Yeah Bloodborne is amazing, and more than worth purchasing a PS4 to play. Plus the other titles coming out. I have both consoles so my most anticipated list would look something like this.
Halo 5
No mans Sky
Gear 4/trilogy
Arkham Knight
Witcher 3
Phantom Pain
Uncharted 4
Quantum Break
Until Dawn

sinspirit1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

And, somehow you actually got people on your wagon.

Look at his comment history. He doesn't throw out insults but throws doubt and ridiculous hype for XBox. He tries to have security by doubting or praising other platforms but he continues to make the same statements. He considers Tomb Raider and unproven Scalebound as console sellers already. So, the only proven game(that went way downhill anyways) was Gears of War. But, he wouldn't buy a PS4 for Bloodborne alone, understandable.

He'll debate all day that one game isn't enough and excuse the dozen or so of big games coming for PS4, and list one franchise that is guaranteed considered a system seller so far for X1.

He's just spitting out games, and only 3 at that. I understand if it's his opinion. But, Scalebound isn't a proven game, and Tomb Raider isn't big enough of a game anymore. It's decent, but it isn't a system seller for all but very few anymore. He's downright making claims. Not just stating his opinion.

His quotes below:

"Dx12 will make xbox one perform like a 2020 high end pc."

"Ps4 looks like a ghost town lol. Seems ps4 can't handle a world full of tables, dramatic lighting and people. "

"Lol u can't say anything potentially anti sony even if ur just asking a simple question lol" - because, he knows what he is trying to insinuate in half of his posts..

"Xbox 4k 60fps incoming?"

Like. Come on. Be consistent or be upfront with your bias and put it out there. Tell us why you're trying to stealth bomb. If you don't have a good reason clearly that's why you're hiding words and should stop with the bias.

Zeref1177d ago


When did gears go downhill again?

All 3 gears were amazing.

nosferatuzodd1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

Sin dont pay him anymine I learned one thing in life you cant hold any intelligent arguments ever with an xbox troll and they love to hide the fact that they're trolls
You can reason with a nintendo fanboy and he'll nod is head to reason even if he doesn't like what he's hearing
Same goes for a sony fanboy but microsoft defense force, they drink a different brain wash coolaid

EvilWay1177d ago


Gears has multiplayer and a damn good one and Bloodsborne has PvP that I love but not everyone will. So Gears will last longer than BloodBorne.

kraenk121176d ago

I don't understand how a PC gamer could favor the XBox. We all know most games will be on PC as well.

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Bigpappy1177d ago

Gun looks Killa! But were is the saw?

Dlacy13g1177d ago

I think that is a retro lancer... could be clue to be honest.

Automatic791177d ago

Wow anticipation is building up for E3. Love Gears of War bring it on.

christocolus1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

Also check this out from Frank O Connor. He is teasing as usual. Halo 5.

"Tomorrow will be mildly bananas."

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Genuine-User1177d ago

Let me see the game dammit! lol
On topic: I'm glad it's the final day of mo-cap, the game should be coming along nicely.

IVanSpinal1177d ago

thats maybe for a live action

Genuine-User1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

You might be right. I guess we'll find out soon enough.

ScorpiusX1177d ago

@d_j you do know Dom is dead right , so the odds of a Gears 4 appearing is going to be tough.

I look forward to playing Gears 4 at release.

OpieWinston1177d ago

You do know that Gears 3 wrapped everything up right and any future Gears titles probably won't be named Gears 4.

aviator1891177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

They can always continue the story with new characters (in addition to marcus, baird, and cole train) and new threats while still calling it Gears of War 4 and then transition to non-numbered games like what 343 is doing after Halo 5: Guardians.

edit: at opiewinston
Hmm, yeah, I can see your point. I'm very excited to see another dark Gears of War game again.

Dirtnapstor1177d ago

Yeah I hate when they continue a series in number across generations. Put a twist on the name or something. Like Battlefront...I'd hate to see "SWB3".

OpieWinston1177d ago

They could if they wanted to but PEOPLE want Locust vs Cog, and since the MP is a major push in the Gears franchise doing 4 with no Locust would be moronic. Rod's already stated they're going back to the dark atmosphere of 1. So look at this being more of a Gears 1 post E-day.

Dirtnapstor1177d ago

"Last day of the shoot". Nice. This is how you disclose things, revealing real progress and not frivolous updates.

gamerfan09091177d ago

I've been dying to play a new gears of war man. I haven't gotten to replay the old ones since I sold my 360 a couple of years back and since then I've been dying to play it over again. Just such a well made shooter from the game play to the characters to the enemies, lore, story, gameplay, ect.

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