Driveclub - Leaked Buggies Gameplay

Some gameplay footage of off-road buggies in DriveClub has surfaced.

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Crazyglues1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

It's like a throw back to MotorStorm, I don't think they should do it though, because it seems really out of place..

There's no dirt roads in DriveClub.. this seems more like for off-road not the normal race-tracks, even has the turbo in here from MotorStorm.. LoL

I remember those days... :) Good times..

NiteX1205d ago

They could be making off road maps, you never know.

marek981205d ago

they said that his engine is good enough for off-road game. It will be super if they add some off road cars and maps.

JoGam1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

DriveClub is no where NEAR what is was when it launched. Its like a different game. If I could score it before and after it would be before 6 after 9.

ginsunuva1205d ago

They could be making... A new Motorstorm!!

MrSec841205d ago

The name Driveclub should cover all motor vehicles IMO and all kinds of terrain.
IMO Evolution should expand on Driveclub and merge it with Motorstorm into a huge racing title.

Have some track based sections, but also open locations, that would work really well.

NecotheSergal1205d ago

They're basically the 'adult' version of Go-Karts on a race track, how does it not fit? :P

(Not implying adults can't ride Go-Karts - as long as they fit in them) *cough*

James Vanderbeek1205d ago

if they do offroad ill buy this game. not really into sim racers. motorstorm was awesome though

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Endless_X1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

I'm not sure if this is legit, but apparently this image was found in the code of Hong Kong's PS Store (Lunatics Expansion Pack)

badz1491205d ago

I'm on the Malaysia PSN and when the Lambo and pace setter packs were released couple of days ago, there was this free buggy for download alongside the Peugeot Onix. at that time, I was thinking, well that was quick, because I don't remember them saying the buggy is gonna come together with the lambos. so I bought it anyway but when it came to downloading it to my PS4, it was gone and no longer in my download list and purchase history. much like how they removed the Driveclub PS+ Edition from my purchase history too.

1205d ago
mad-dog1205d ago

The game that keeps on giving.Even the turbo is in :).
We also need MS-tracks though.
Now just incorporate Motorstorm IN Driveclub. Tracks, etc.

This way Driveclub will be the ultimate PS4 driving game for the generation.With races, ralley, motorstorem, etc.

Keep expanding.

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