Microsoft held a Minecraft promotional event at a Sony Building in Tokyo

Exactly: Microsoft held a Minecraft promotional event at a Sony Building in Japan.

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vega2751085d ago

Woah woah. Sony still owns a building. Forget minecraft that's a surprise in itself. I thought Sony sold their building for profit. If that's the case just say Microsoft held a event in the same building as Sony in Japan.

Bigpappy1085d ago

LOL. That was a pretty fun reaction.

johndoe112111084d ago

Yep, it's the same building where they sell the ps4's that have been outselling the xbones in Japan 14-1.

elazz1084d ago (Edited 1084d ago )

Ps4 last week sold 340-1 in favor in Japan

LexHazard791084d ago

LoL..I didn't even know they sold Xbox in Japan.

dolphin_supreme1084d ago (Edited 1084d ago )

@vega you're a terrible troll

Professor_K1084d ago

its a joke people, dont take it too hard .. LOL

vega2751084d ago

You can't make a joke about Sony here. Sony is their god as you can see. But it's ok to joke on the competition.

Anyway it's cool. It's a joke, I ruffled a couple feathers, got a couple angry PM's from some sonyfanboys. But hey I know what site I'm on. So I'm not surprised or upset by a few butthurt comments and disagrees. Probably about to be de-bubbled as I write this.

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Fro_xoxo1085d ago

did those Microsoft employees make it out alive? :O

TripC501085d ago

You're saying a Sony building is in such disarray that it may have been unstable and dangerous for anybody to step into. Right?

gokuking1085d ago

They did this as a way to promote the retail release of Minecraft on PS Vita in Japan, which is published by Sony. It wasn't hosted by Microsoft, but rather Sony's Minecraft Club PR team. The game has been really successful on their machines in Japan, especially on Vita.

Agent_hitman1084d ago

They are friends here in Japan, not competitors...

KnownAsEpic1084d ago

They're friends everywhere! but their fanboys are enemies for some reason.

CryLessGameMore1084d ago

i believe that fanboys aren't real gamers

krypt19831084d ago

and guess what game makes the most money on the ps4, wait for it ..... minecraft when playstation makes money they even pay microsoft dam...

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