Small bits of Metal Gear Online info straight from the developers

Konami Los Angeles Studio, the studio developing Metal Gear Online, has been answering questions from fans the past week on Twitter, giving out small bits of information.

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DarkOcelet1088d ago

"Some people seem to be concerned the game will be more like Call of Duty, but the studio assures there is no risk of that. The game was never designed to be like that"

Thats all i wanted to hear.

Love that poster.

Nyxus1088d ago

Yeah people seem to be worried because the game is being developed by a western studio but as they said it's being developed by fans as well as developers of the previous MGO games.

NecotheSergal1087d ago

People actually were stupid enough to think that it'd become Call of Duty?... On what grounds?! rofl

What the fuck have I been missing exactly, that's the dumbest thing I ever heard.

KingKelloggTheWH1088d ago

I hope it lives up to MGO2, that was one of the best MP games I ever played!

As for the customization, I hope it is slightly better than 2 and will have lots of things we can buy.

ThunderPulse1087d ago

Was that the one with MGS4?

Who1087d ago

MGO2 was the first competitive online experience I thoroughly enjoyed.

I agree with the weapon cycling idea though. Can you imagine you're in a heated firefight and you run out of ammo, and start struggling with the d-pad menu? ugh. MGO2/MGS4 weapon cycling was great, I also liked the aiming better in those games.

KingKelloggTheWH1087d ago

The aiming in MGO2 was purely amazing! I hope it plays more like it.