Project CARS: Time-lapse Weather System Video

Project CARS’ weather system is one of the main attractions of the game in my opinion.

This video shows the day to night transition and changing weather conditions all sped up at 60x normal speed.

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Jamaicangmr1151d ago

I'm really starting to get annoyed with this game i'm not even excited anymore. Come on either release it or just stop with the teases period.

Live_Larry1151d ago

I'm really starting to get annoyed with big name studios that release bug-ridden, unfinished, underwhelming games they've over hyped with outrageous advertising budgets.

Take your time Project CARS, you will be glorious.

windblowsagain1151d ago

I'm really starting to get annoyed with people talking about things that annoy them.

Actually I wish people would stop moaning about everything gamers should stop believing that devs fking owe them something.

Worst thing that happened was Devs letting info out early.

Jamaicangmr1151d ago

The constant delays hurts this game alot more than you think or would like to believe. Oh yeah and we are consumers they want our money they better ensure we aren't annoyed.

All i am saying is stop this constant release of videos and info when the launch date constantly gets pushed. This was supposed to be out years ago.

Simple case of overexposure.

level 3601151d ago

My rage/disappointment about the constant changes in release dates have at least died down.. looking forward again in about a month's time. Truly think the month of May is going to be the "it" date.

As for the video footage - first time I have ever seen a game using *time lapse and that is seriously good.