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When it comes to survival horror there is one franchise that has reigned supreme ever since its first appearance. You probably don’t even need me to spell it out for you it’s that obvious. Yep you guessed it, that franchise is of course, Resident Evil. Recently Capcom released a remastered version of the classic Resident Evil on to Xbox One and PS4. Now we see a new entry in the series with Resident Evil Revelations 2, a sequel to the original Revelations.

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Lord_Sloth1086d ago (Edited 1086d ago )

"play co-op on your own"

That statement is an oxymoron.

Also this article was posted on March 28th (today) and Raid Mode has been in the game for a while now.

WizzroSupreme1086d ago

Sorry Resident Evil: Revelations, but Revelations 2 is just way more awesome than you.